Hexagram 40 – Deliverance

hexagram40The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle based on Taoist and Confucianist wisdom, comprising 64 different oracles or possibilities – likely outcomes according to the way the energy is moving in your life at the moment you consult the oracle.

Like that first sentence, the I Ching (meaning Book of Changes), is a bit of a riddle. There are many different translations – the classic one is the Wilhelm edition with a forward by Carl Jung – classic in the sense that if you can make any sense of it, you’re as crazy a fool as I. I’ve spent many an hour unravelling the mystery of the I Ching, sat with many masters and listened to their wisdom on it – one who could discern the appropriate oracle out of the 64 by observing the shape of the clouds, another who knew how to throw the yarrow stalks (the traditional divining method), who taught me how to see the relevant oracle in the shape of the way the stalks landed on the floor – he taught it but I didn’t really get it – it just looked like a clump of old yarrow to me – I’ve checked every translation going – and over the years, I’d consult the I Ching (my usual method being throwing three coins six times to arrive at the relevant hexagram from the 64 six-line diagrams representing the respective oracles) at every major turn and made a note of the oracle I drew and the corresponding event and outcome and gradually arrived at some sense of clarity about the various hexagrams.

As a result I now have my own interpretation of each oracle and my usual method of determining the relevant one is by merely flicking the pages of whichever copy lies nearest to hand and seeing where they fall open – I call it the scientific method-not. This is as about as crude as it gets but nonetheless seems to work, I think because it’s all about attuning to the wisdom behind the scenes of both the I Ching and the reality of where you are at that moment and somehow, though I’ve never yet met anyone clever enough to explain quite how, that creates a circuit of energy, in which the right information is delivered you to clue you in to where or how you should or will be stepping next and the likely effect that will have on your life.

Are you impressed I’m able to present such an authentically riddle-riddled modern-day explanation of the venerable riddle-riddled I Ching? I am. Meanwhile, here’s the oracle for everyone on the site this week. (This is preposterous, by the way – that someone should presume to cast a viable oracle for themselves, let alone for a few thousand people simultaneously but then no one ever achieved anything great, being afraid of a little preposterousness). And it is, hexagram 40 – DELIVERANCE.

This week, if you’ve been working on something for a while now and moving forwards by taking a risk looks worth the trouble, don’t hang about and get on with it. Otherwise, this is a good time to turn back with impunity, graciously retreat without anyone thinking any the less of you or you losing any good standing you’ve accrued so far.

Moving forwards, however, move quickly. You are risking a lot and it’s a potentially dangerous situation, however by moving forwards swiftly now, you will avert that danger – move so swiftly the danger can’t catch up with you. In fact this danger is merely there to make the theatre more interesting, to give the story line of your life more edge, more bite. By moving into unknown territory now you will win the love of many new people.

Conversely, turning back now will also bring great benefits, which make it possible to walk the middle path, the toned down version of the adventure, if that’s how you’d prefer to play – and if you do, no one will be disparaging of you – to the contrary you will have the respect of many. But if you’re going for the big move, be sure to do so as soon as possible and not to linger on the way and that will assure absolute success.

Break out into the situation concerned like a sudden thunderstorm appearing in a clear blue sky. So that exciting – either way you play it, you come out smelling of roses – go forward with great speed and gain huge success by winning the hearts of many, or turn back, be respected by many and make a good living anyway.

I hope that somehow resonates with you because it certainly sounds good. It resonates with me – I’m not totally sure what it’s specifically referring to in my life but it’s given me a shot of courage to keep going with the loony risks I’m taking so I hope it’s given you a similar boost or alternatively reassured you there’ll be no face lost and no disadvantage in turning back if whatever you’re risking no longer seems worth it.

Have a stupendous week.

With love, Doc

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