Hexagram 33 – Yielding

You’ve done well. You’ve managed things adroitly enough lately to ensure your world will keep rolling a while and now it’s time to ease off from doing things and instead yield and allow the external world to do things for you for a few days or so. By doing so, you’ll enjoy watching the details sorting themselves out in wondrously elegant manner, each according to its own Tao and as each complex of details resolves itself, success will progressively ensue.

To avail yourself of this fun game this week, necessitates remaining humble, releasing your emotional attachment to your agenda and allowing rather than forcing life to happen – to roll with, rather than attempt to bend life according to your will. Eschew grandiose visions for the moment in favour of training yourself to derive delight from observing the miraculous nature of even the smallest or apparently most ordinary phenomenon as you go about your business. However, be observant of the natures and energies of those around you and be sure, for the sake of preserving your equilibrium and, hence dignity, to remove yourself at once from those emitting negativity, otherwise the possibility exists of becoming angry and losing it. Which brings us back to the need to be willing to yield rather than indulging in forcefulness and all will be well. Relax enough and this should prove to be a week of pure delight.

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