Heart of the Tao

Addicted to stimulation you give yourself stress.

It’s a form of masturbation and you can do it less.

[If you want.]

Calm your racing mind.

Leave the stress behind.

and come into the centre.

Here, where the madness can’t enter.

Use your will to settle yourself – be still.

Slow down your breath.

Breathing fast and panting won’t shield you from death.

To the contrary: breathing slowly makes you stronger.

That way you live longer

Say to yourself, ‘I’m willing to be mindful from breath to breath.

I’m willing to slow down and stop running from death.’

For as you say it, so it will be.

You have the power now to set yourself free.

Free of the burden of the insanity of driving yourself mad and making yourself sad and all those unnecessary fearful thoughts running round in your head.

[This is important] Because you’re just a short time here and a long time dead.

Death is at the core of every fear.

Along with the idea of losing all you hold dear.

But rather than run from it, have fun with it.

Death is your friend – it’s not the end.

It’s not a matter of losing or winning.

Dropping your body is just a new beginning:

Of entering fully the eternal now.

And being reabsorbed into the heart of the Tao.

Nothing changes when you die.

If you want to know, I’ll tell you why. it’s like waking up from a crazy old dream to a bigger reality, where in fact you’ve always been.

But were too distracted trying to be the king or the queen to see it.

And without your body or personality to distract you, you find yourself at the heart of the Tao,

In the eternal now.

And now you’re free just to be it.

Staring death in the eye and saying hi will reduce your fear.

And leave you feeling fresh and clear.

Breathe in to the experience of the eternal now.

Breathe out and let go into the heart of the Tao.

After a while you begin to feel cleansed – free of the self who was causing you strife.

Clearer and calmer in the heart of the Tao, with a larger panorama of everyday life.

I wish you a marvelous panorama and a day replete with a plethora of beautiful surprises in respect of all aspects of your life.

With love, Steph the BD

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