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Superhealing developed from 50 years of work in the healing field

To get to the point where you can present a schema, a template that anyone can use no matter whether you’ve had experience of healing before or not, that will provide you the whole picture of how healing works – according to the incredibly brilliant Taoist system – in an incredibly succinct and relatively short space of time, is what I’ve been aiming for for all that time.

Healing’s amazing – everybody needs healing

I was privileged to be trained incredibly well by a number of brilliant teachers from a very early age, so I’ve been steeped in it for a long time. But I want everyone to have it. I don’t want it just to be a superficial sticking plaster (even at the deepest level of sticking plaster).

It needs to be understood. You need to know the template. You need to have the consciousness wence the healing ensues.

acupunctureIt’s no mean feat putting that together – it takes time. And it’s happened. I call it Superhealing. I do so partly in irony – the hyperbolic world we live in (supercars, superstars, supercasinos) – it seemed funny to call something as profound as healing ‘superhealing’ but also because ‘super’ from Latin means ‘above’ as in ‘meta’, like metaphysics. This is the template that sits above all the mundane. It’s the one that gives you the knowledge, the power, the understanding to intervene at an autonomic level in your own system and then in others’.

Traditionally to learn how to heal other people, the way I was taught, you had to practice on yourself. In acupuncture for example, you had to needle yourself 1008 times before you’re able to go on to needling another. Healing others is a natural consequence of learning to heal yourself. Ultimately, from a transcendental, transpersonal point of view, there is no difference between self and other.

This Superhealing training enables you to heal yourself and subsequently others from the most profound level, the level of the soul.

The ancient Greek word ‘psyche’ means soul – hence ‘psychic’, the business of the soul, the deepest part of you the primordial self, the original self – so what this is, is psychic healing.

There is nothing mystifying or mysterious about this. I make it my business to demystify everything without taking the flavour away from it. As well as learning the system in this six part Superhealing training, you will also experience healing from me.

That’s not a mystification. Healing is set in motion through intention. Focused intention is a force as real as steel – it has to be genuine. Once the intention is set in motion, the healing will follow. My intention in doing this, naturally, is to heal you.


Healing means to restore yourself to a state of wholeness

The concept of illness in the first place is part of an illusion in which the Tao (the Great Presence) fragments itself. What healing does is restore us to the place before fragmentation.

We all carry that within us. It’s what the Buddhists call the original self. It’s what the Taoists call your immortal spirit. It’s what I refer to often as the background presence, the witness bearer inside of you, the original consciousness.

You will be receiving, experiencing healing from me, while learning how to do it

And that’s how it is when you work one-on-one with a teacher. I was fortunate to be apprenticed to a brilliant doctor of Chinese medicine for almost four years and in the process of being his apprentice and studying with him and qualifying as an acupuncturist, through doing that, through the most remarkable hands-on training, I also underwent a healing process at his hand, and that was supplemented by my practice on myself and that was a profound part of it. So that you will get as well.

All of this, as profound as it goes, is presented in the clearest, easiest to follow and easiest to put in practice way

That’s why I’m so excited about it. I would never be disrespectful about other trainings on offer, but from what I’ve seen, broadly, you could go for an in-depth training and still not necessarily address the psychic level, the deeper level, the soul level, which is where the whole thing comes from. Or you could take a more superficial training and maybe clear things up momentarily, but it doesn’t give you a profound template, something sure, it doesn’t change the state of consciousness in anything other than a haphazard way.

There’s not a lot of people around who have been doing healing for so long, so extensively and who have devoted so much time to explaining it – whether in book form, videos, audios, talks, seminars, on TV as I have – and that’s what makes this different.

The Taoist system itself is brilliant and I have spent 50 years demystifying it, sorting it out, practicing it, watching what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve treated approximately quarter of a million people one-on-one, over a million sessions and that’s a lot, a huge amount of people to have seen and treated in a lifetime- you get a second sense on a mechanical level – you get to see what’s working and what isn’t, how it works and how it doesn’t, how everybody’s in pain, whether that’s expressed through physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, psychological symptoms, whatever – no one is exempt. You get to see what works in reality. Over time you see what will work, how much people will take on, how to present it in a way people see its value and get involved in it.

It works methodically through the entire structure of your psychic body at your deepest-most self

five elementsThat in itself, by adjusting yourself at that level, takes care of the healing process of the more superficial aspects of self – the physical structure and the consciousness associated with it.

Then what we also do is a thorough training in the five element basis of Taoist medicine, which addresses the five vital organs and all their functions, which include everything in the physical form, the emotional self, the psychological self and your life going on around you.

You will be provided with precise tools for making an intervention at that relatively superficial level – the environmentally referenced self I call it – to eliminate or reduce static that comes from the stress of everyday life, enough to get back into the big self, the psychic self, the spirit body, and to adjust things at that level, which is where it gets really exciting.

I’ve demystified it. I’m not using hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo to mystify or impress or obfuscate any gaps in the knowing – it’s all there – and its simple, very, very, simple and incredibly exciting. We’re talking about the actual structure of the soul, of the deepest self, and the process of healing that, means making whole, means restoring yourself to a state of wholeness, is the life journey in itself, in itself it’s the process of enlightenment.

You need to have no former experience to do this. You can be an absolute beginner, completely new to the whole concept of healing, or you can be a well-practiced healer.

Either way, this will provide a process for you, the tools required to sort yourself out and help other people, and will quantum leap your practice if that’s what you’re already doing.

Superhealing started spontaneously as an idea for a live event – the first of which was rather amazing – sold out in a lovely space, 70 people in concentric circles, me in the midst of the circle and I presented the entire schema of what healing is, how long does it take to heal, how often do you have to do it, what is actually happening, can you avoid death, is that the idea of it, when you’re channelling light – what does that actually mean, working with the five organs explaining all their correspondences and their functions, explaining what the spirit body was, in a way that was palatable to even a major in the army, very pragmatic. And then took them through the healing process – the environmentally referenced self and then the deepest self and the harmonisation of the two, and restoring oneself to a state of wholeness. While taking them through it I was transmitting it strongly to them and at the end it was actually quite remarkable, the way people react to this style of healing – it’s something to see.

I don’t wish to sensationalise it, to the contrary, but I’m incredibly enthusiastic and it seemed natural, obvious, to expand from that into an online training, firstly because I’ve been doing online trainings since before online trainings were even thought of. I find it incredibly exciting to be able to reach so many people at the same time and share something like this. It seems practical for people who went to the live events to have a follow up – and in any case most people can’t come to the live events so this will be for everybody.

It’s incredibly easy to learn online, it’s like having a private session with me, one-to-one – and you get the healing from me in that way, as well as getting the information.

psychic bodyI’ve written hugely comprehensive companion study notes, really in-depth explanations of each week’s session and coming at it from slightly different angles to get you thinking differently, with diagrams where necessary to show you where the points are.

You can expect results after each session within 24 hours. Any intervention, once it’s resonated, takes about 24 hours to work its way through the system before you actually notice something. The reason for that is the body has a 24 hour clock. The energy passes through each of the organ’s orbit in two hours – 12 x two hours for each one.

It will take longer to get a radical result, a shift in your state, because all conditions have developed over time – they’re basically habits, or complexes of habits, and habits take time to undo.

In 24 hours you will start to notice something and, after completing the six week training, if you do the exercises, focus on it, review it and work with the companion notes, you’re ready – you can intervene in yourself, in others, those around you who you love or, if you’re working at it, deploy it in your work and you will have a powerful tool for healing at the most profound level – which will effect all the way to the most superficial, including the situations in your life.

This is proper, top quality, world class material, that is from the very depths of the knowledge of healing and shows you that anyone and everyone can do it

There is no one that doesn’t have the innate power to heal – it’s innate to us all. What this is doing is activating it for you in a failsafe way – and it’s incredibly affordable.

I could charge a lot for it if I was doing that game where you charge a lot to make it look like it’s worth a lot – this is priceless, but I want to make it as affordable as possible so that as many people who need it can have it.

You’ll learn how to heal yourself on every single level – how to vanish pain on a physical level, an emotional level, a psychological level and that’s why I say sign up now – do it right away without delay.

Doing this comprises a major part in living a fulfilling, joyful life where you can truly say in each and every moment, come what may, “I love, love, love being alive”.

yin-yang-faceCome, do the the Superhealingyin-yang-face
it’s going to be beyond special



“I urge you to take a look at what Barefoot Doctor is offering you right NOW. Barefoot Doctor’s teachings WILL change your life. And they will do so as soon as you begin following what he teaches.”

Matt Furey, Chinese Kung Fu Master, Catch Wrestling Champion



The training is in audio format across six sessions of approximately one hour each, fully supported by comprehensive companion study notes, clear diagrams, and supplemented by three state of the art SOUNDBATHS I’ve produced to stimulate vital force in the three ‘psychic chambers’, which between them control every function in your life.

cell 8Session 1 – The Basis

Exploring what health is and what disease is, looking at wisdom of dropping disease labels, tracing all the main forms of healing, investigating what level of results can be expected, looking at whether you need special talent, looking at various devices and approaches, discussing the notion of healing chi deriving from other galaxies, examining the crucial power of visualization and intention.

cell 5Session 2 – The Rationale

The environmental self and the ancestral or primordial self; the body as the arena in which to experience everything; the method for reaching the ancestral self, so activating healing and benefitting your own health exponentially. Includes a useful short routine of four exercises.

cell 4Session 3 – Structure of Environmental Self and Ancestral Self – the Five Elements and the Immortal Spirit Body

Clarifying the structure and organization of each aspect of self and the harmonious interplay and cognitively balanced dynamic between these two selves.

cell 3Session 4 – Healing the Environmental Self – a healing process addressed to the relatively more superficial aspect of self, the environmentally referenced self, or environmental self, and its structure: the bones, flesh, vessels, fluids, nervous system, vital organs, sense organs, sexual organs, bowels, gall bladder and bladder, and the associated aspects of mind, as well as external-life manifestations, according to the balance of the five elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

cell 7Session 5 – Healing the Ancestral Self – having attenuated the noise and static arising from the stress we habitually generate around the self-confected drama of being alive, we attain to the more profound layer or aspect of self, the ancestral self, the spirit body, the background presence, which is where the real process of restoration to wholeness occurs.  Includes full cleansing process utilising the flashbulb blue light as a visualization aid.

cell 6Session 6 – Practicalities and Considerations – advice on how to continue the healing and on how to transmit to others.

What Barefoot Doctor’s students say

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The healing helped me with my energy. I cannot express enough gratitude to you. My 12 year battle with mercury poisoning left me with no energy, candida, hearing loss, inflammation, enzyme deficient, impaired immune system, and my body in total imbalance which is common with the heavy metal. Thank you. Thank you.” Adrianah, USA

“Attending your sound healings and practising the sounds I am convinced and believe, stopped my cancer from spreading. When I first started the sounds I could not last too long, now they sound deeper and I can last longer, and can feel the sounds resonate through my body, I have learned to center myself, and to not get caught up in the emotions of the dramas that unfold, rather to be a spectator, and respond rather than react, leaving me feeling more emotionally stable. I have only gratitude, that I stumbled across your teachings and helped change my life, health and outlook, with love and light,” Mary, UK

“The Doc was visiting my home town of Taos. I explained that I had a Hiatal Hernia (stomach protruding through the esophageal wall) – Stephen sat me down and proceeded to work the light (chi), source, through intention into my body and then held it there. He told me I would be tired and should rest – I was and I did. I had an endoscope a month or so later – I was told the Hernia was not there. Fantastic! Where did it go? Good times – fun healing with the Doc -I believe, but then I’ve always believed in the power of the Tao and its’ human conduits….peace out brother, love” Peter, USA

“Your exercise with handling energy, combined with my Reiki training helped me overcome my severe depression at a time when everything was going wrong for me. I’d even had thoughts of just giving up breathing, life seemed so hopeless, but I worked with energy projection and control, which calmed me and gave me the time to realise I still had a lot of blessings to count. Thanks.” Robert, UK

“At a crisis point a couple of years ago I was descending into a drink/drugs spiral and almost lost myself….BD helped me tap into (or feel the influence of) Mother earth and the dance I was doing naturally became less destructive.” Jo, UK

“I suffered from total fear and paranoia. Fear that I was out of control and governed by forces outside of myself. BD’s Teachings have brought so much stability and self belief to my life that I no longer have panic attacks or paranoia.” John, UK

“The greatest ‘healing’ gift you have offered me has been the inspiration to become certified in both sound healing and acupressure, two modalities I may not have embraced prior to knowing you. This has led to not only to great joy for me on a personal level, but the gifts continue to be expand and grow as I share these practices with the people (and animals) in my life. Forever grateful for you.” Maureen, USA

“The Barefoot Doctor has taught me to remove myself from the pain of toothache without taking medication. His 1-2-1 healing cured my back where now I can touch my toes comfortably without having to bounce my way to the floor. The Barefoot Doctor`s healing meditations never fail to show me something about who I am or an insight to a situation bringing an understanding along with the appropriate change if needed.” Lyn, UK

“Everything you teach helps- there is not one thing that you have taught that I have not had results with. But, my favorite is the tipping into the back of oneself. Produces results each time. Your gift, Sir, is our reward. Blessings returned.” Donna-Marie, Canada

“The doc’s teachings …well where to start? They have healed a sort of OCD where I would get repetitive thoughts, seldom good… a problem ,since I was 13 now sorted! More recently the techniques I’m learning have helped heal parts of my body, crucial parts I may add, and have healed relationships with ex.partner and others.I am unrecognizable to myself from two years ago and this is just start! Thank you Doc.” Paul, UK

“When you reached out to all of us as Angels you taught or reminded me of the method of perceiving from behind the wall of the mind – this was such a blessing of utter calmness and the insight, of being the watcher and not just the actor on the stage – it changed all that I do for the better. One could not ask for a more influential blessing and healing. This brought about self love from the perspective of self acceptance and gave me back the awareness of the real or true self something that had become somewhat submerged based on a life filled with experiences of rejection…In addition Stephen your spirit has taught me how to laugh in the face of adversity I cannot describe how you brought this about other than to say you have a Taoist buoyancy and there is such an inner joyfulness in your core essence that it lightens the load of any and everyone you touch. Brightest Blessings of Love and Light Always.” Richard, USA

“I start my day by breathing, centring, posture, visiting the three deities and scooping the old loop. This ‘meeting with myself’ helps me to keep control and balance my powers during the course of the day. Your way of describing all this wisdom makes it very easy. Thank you for your help.” Jobst, Germany

“I am lucky to be blessed with excellent health. I put this down largely to the practices I have learned from your work. I attribute my good health to the daily healing that these practices, along with regular cardio-vascular exercise bring – preventing illness from getting established. Thank you.” Chris, UK

“Knowing Barefoot Doctor’s recognition that we’re all whole, not fragmented….helps me recognise that my patients in the emergency department are already whole, (sometimes despite appearances). Through reading and listening to Barefoot Doctor, I have come to the conclusion that the BEST thing a nurse can do for a patient, is recognised the patient is not a ‘patient’.” Maz, UK

“One of the most organic, authentically Loving teachers I have the pleasure to experience” AyAnna, USA


Barefoot Doctor’s


Heal yourself, get the basis for healing others,

and be healed by the Master – all for just