Heal Your World Today

On a flying visit to London for a meeting a few days ago, I used the tube (metro/subway) to get about as I usually do, one because it’s relatively quick, though not cheap, in fact you could take a taxi across most countries from one end to the other for the same price as a day pass on the London tube, and two because it’s a great way to take the pulse of the city, to get a feel for the general state people are in. And what I saw, unsurprisingly, was people looking stressed, fighting with themselves and uncomfortable in their skins. In fact during the course of a single ride, I had close encounters with two different guys at different moments of the journey across town, who were actually twitching and convulsing more or less discreetly, one who sat next to me and the other opposite.

The one who was convulsing may have been a crack addict, I wasn’t sure – he was certainly well out of it and sitting next to him, I noticed fear within, until I remembered that by training and inclination, I’m a healer with a fair amount of front line experience dealing with so called mental health patients, so sent him a wash of healing energy which seemed to calm him momentarily. With the other, a businessman engrossed in the spreadsheets on his laptop, twitching like someone about to explode with the internal pressure of keeping it all together, I felt a dark fascination until I remembered he was suffering and sent him calming energy which did seem to reduce the twitching a tad.

This made me think to remind you that you’re a healer too, if you want to be – we all are potentially – and that whenever confronted by someone scary or acting creepy, rather than fear or judge them, heal them. You only have to intend it and send them a wash of healing light by visualizing it. It’s certainly better than sticking to fearful or judgemental thought, which merely separates you from the rest of humanity and leaves you feeling cold and alone. By sending healing it warms you up and definitely helps the other, if only subtly.

Every healing thought informed with love adds to the beneficence of the universe.

Instructions for sending healing effectively the Taoist way are to be found in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop.

May your universe be so beneficent today, meanwhile, you hardly know where to put all your blessings.

Love, D


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