Harnessing the power of visualization

In LA once, a big, bad drunk guy threatened me with violence for daring to look in his eyes as I walked past.

I immediately visualized myself walking away unscathed, smiling, relaxed and calm, implying I’d dealt with his aggression effectively and compassionately, fell naturally into the tai chi state, grabbed his lower leg as he swung a drunken roundhouse kick to my head, my thumb naturally falling into a point that paralyzed his lower leg and foot, and grabbed his forearm as he swung a drunken roundhouse punch from the other side to my temple pressing into a point, paralyzing his arm.

So there we were suddenly, me, holding the right leg and left arm of a huge and incredibly heavy man I’d never met before, the two of us looking slightly bemused into each others’ eyes.

Immediately I was filled with the awareness that both of us had emerged from women’s wombs, both of us had mothers, both of us were once and really still were babies. I don’t know why I had this particular awareness, it just struck me.

But with the energy it elicited from me, I said compassionately, “Let’s not fight – there’s no point.” His eyes agreed even though his brain was clearly having trouble accepting it, and releasing him, he staggered away half-mumbling, half-growling something unintelligible and Planet of the Apes-like.

Strangely throughout this short episode, even though my trained reflexes had served me well and I’d accomplished neutralization with some aplomb, I noticed I was internally trembling all the while. Not because I was scared of him in particular, but because I was so shocked at such random, senseless potential violence in general, though aimed specifically at me.

However as soon as I dropped his arm and leg, I felt totally calm without even the slightest evidence of excess adrenalin in my system and wandered off down the street as if nothing had happened.

What made it possible was visualizing the desired outcome.

You can apply this to any challenge you face today too.

May it serve you well and you find yourself sailing with aplomb through any choppy waters life may swirl your way.

For advanced psychic self-defence moves, see today’s Members’ DocBox.

Love, D

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