Handling The Wobbles With Aplomb

There are times, no matter how centred you usually are, no matter how much enlightened perspective you generally enjoy, that you are somehow forced into a dive and find yourself scattered, without a clear view of where you sit in relation to external reality.

When this inevitably occurs from time to time, perhaps on account of the astrological set-up, perhaps because of a build-up of apparently negative external events leading your mind a certain way, perhaps because you’ve been hanging out with pessimistic or cynical people, or perhaps just because you’re tired and so feel overwhelmed by the choices before you, it’s important not to waste too much extra energy fighting it or berating yourself too much for having fallen off the Buddha-train.

Sometimes you simply have to experience the dark, scary side, to feel the sensation of being existentially all at sea, so you can grow stronger through the process of subsequently righting yourself. It’s like taking homeopathic medicine: a trace of the relevant poison, makes your mind and body rebel and fight back harder. It sharpens your immune response to the vicissitudes of everyday life.

This applies to any minor wobble you may experience at any time during the day or night too.

All you need do to efficiently process it, is tell yourself – it’s alright to have a wobble or even an internal earthquake if that’s on the cards, as everything makes me stronger, including this, indeed I am growing progressively universally stronger all the time.

And breathe – it’s crucial to let the breath remain steady, smooth and constant, slow- and free-moving and deep down in your belly at all times and the first step towards this is to stop holding your breath now.

See today’s Members Wisdom Drop to take this idea further, for which you’ll need to be or become a member, and it’s worth it.

May your day and night be blessed with grace and ease of passage that sees you handling the wobbles with aplomb.

Love, Doc

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