Handling A Difficult Situation Involving Other People

The first thing to do with what looks and feels like a difficult situation of any kind is to see that it isn’t a difficult situation at all, just a complex of factors producing the illusion of a difficult situation and in fact is merely an interesting opportunity to enjoy some contact with the background presence informing all situations, in order to discover the way through it.

Secondly comes appreciating that all others are an expression of the background presence in human form, no matter how cleverly disguised (usually to the individual concerned as well). And with this appreciation, exercising the faculty for loving it – loving the Tao, the background presence informing them you and the dynamic between you.

As soon as you can see the other as an expression of the Tao rather than as an obstacle to be overcome, their energy field will shift in quality and tone for the better in your respect.

All you need do then is ask the Tao to provide a quantum shift, either by direct communication between both or all parties, by the natural flow of events, or by a combination of the two. And if requested from the heart with sincerity, this opportunity will arise spontaneously often taking you by surprise.

Finally see yourself having jumped clean over the apparent hurdle and standing on the other side feeling the relief of resolution.

The Taoists developed many fine interpersonal energy directing tricks to expedite stuck situations between you and others, a fine example of which appears in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop.

Meanwhile, I wish you the merriest of Mondays, replete with spontaneous resolutions of all sorts.

Love, D


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