The Ground Beneath Your Feet – Weekend Special

Sometimes I can actually feel the 66,000 miles an hour speed we’re travelling at on this planet – when I relax and sink enough and tune in with my awareness, I can feel it in my hips – I have to bypass the illusion of stillness caused by the earth’s axial counter-spin to get there but once I do, there is no thrill available on the local plane that comes close – how could it?

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One Response to “The Ground Beneath Your Feet – Weekend Special

  • Anna Ross
    2 years ago

    Well put ! I I’ve found that your admonition to “go to the back of yourself” is the penultimate teaching that seems to bring all the various exercises and training’s you so generously provide into a single palpable experience for the overarching enjoyment of life . Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom to us all !!! Aho! and Blessed Be!

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