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Intuition’s a powerful force. Tune into it and you know when one paths’s right for you, and another isn’t – like a seasoned poker player you know precisely when to stick and when to twist.

My intuition in this instant, is your intuition will tell you exactly what to do, stick-or-twist, about having this amazing training or missing it – gaining full communicational skill and confidence in 18 days (no bullshit) and attaining to all the opportunities, ease, freedom and success such skill confers in all areas and walks of life, or sticking with the way things are.

No need to compound the message by telling you communicating confidently in all your personal or professional interactions will help you make a quantum leap of progress in changing, improving, expanding, and reshaping your circumstances – it’s obvious – but/and the training begins in just under 2 days so you only have about 48 hours to bag a spot so if you want to get on it and get started on the next stage of you, don’t dilly-dally, swiftly shilly-shally to book your spot for the GREAT PRESENCE TRAINING here (or here if you prefer to pay with Paypal)

Imagine yourself with the confidence, clarity and presence to conduct any conversation however challenging whomever with, with however many, wherever, whenever and invariably coming away with the very best result (for you and everyone) and a smile in your heart, loving the ease you’re able to negotiate the obstacle course of other people’s agendas. You can have it right now (actualized before your very eyes within 18 days – no more nagging worries about having to say what you have to say to anyone/s or loads of people, no more fear or confusion about how to convey your message – wedding congregations, bosses, colleagues, siblings, parents, children, partners, lovers, friends, clients – everyone will receive you as you wish to be received when you’ve trained and have this skill – it’s time to share your message with the world – time to share the unique gift of you – the world needs it.

We start training online on Saturday 23rd May via video, everyday for 18 days and train you in all aspects of communicational mastery, getting clear on your message, presenting it succinctly, gaining full command of your vocal tone, your cadence, your tempo, your face, your facial expression, your posture, your body language and your rapport with whom your communicating whether one or many.

These wonderful videos are complemented by a near 15,000 word ebook length set of thorough companion notes and a state of the art audio-based guided subliminal process to instill unprecedented confidence.

And not only that, but there’s a brand new satsang series starting mid-June – the CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION SATSANG SERIES intended as the perfect live counterpart to the training which you get ABSOLUTELY FREE by simply procuring yourself a place on the GREAT PRESENCE TRAINING – PROCURE YOUR PLACE ON THE GREAT PRESENCE TRAINING AND HAVE YOURSELF A FREE AND FABULOUS SATSANG SERIES HERE WHILE STOCKS LAST (or here if you prefer to pay with Paypal)

And it’s not only I who looks forward to training you in GREAT PRESENCE – the Great Presence itself is excited to think of you rejoining its grand continuum.

We’re all going to love it.

Love, BD

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