Great Presence Training starts 23rd May

gp training logoDevoting my life to providing our human family a practical, inspiring contemporary interface with Tao and the Taoist panoply of brilliant methods for living filled to the brim with all possible blessings, one of the more important aspects I’ve been required to develop through necessity, is the ability to talk succinctly and engagingly about any or all of its various aspects to any audience, no matter where, no matter how big or small, however open minded or otherwise they might be.

Though initially terrified and in utter dread, over the decades, through practice and some excellent training I’m able to confidently walk on any stage, or approach any important conversation, regardless of context or setting, and without having rehearsed a single phrase, not even the opening line, deliver my message succinctly, connect fully, heart and soul, with each person present, and actually love rather than dread it so much I consider stepping up to the mic without a clue what’s going to come out of my mouth my extreme sport. I truly deeply love it, and can’t begin to describe the profound joy it elicits – both for me, and apparently from what I can tell, unless they’ve all just been behaving absurdly politely, most of the people who come and listen to me.

One incidental benign effect of which over the years has been a steady stream of utterly lovely people of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and experience, who’ve seen me talk in public asking me to teach them how to do it.
I’m good at it. And I love doing it – it gives me every bit as much pleasure watching someone I’m working with grow into their magnificent selves with full command of all their message and delivery, as it does doing it myself.

Along with receiving a similarly steady stream of requests for an online version, that enjoyment of the subject is what inspired me to produce this new 18-day online, video-based GREAT PRESENCE TRAINING for everyone – starting in just one week on Monday 23rd – which means that wherever you are, if you have the need or simply the desire and fascination, no matter the public speaking or communicational assignment in mind, no matter how nervous or incredulous you are, it will only take you 18 days and a relatively tiny investment, to acquire the gift of being able to stand with absolute confidence in front of any audience however big or small, fully in command of your message and delivery – and have the time of your life doing it.

You’ll learn how to achieve clarity about the message you want to deliver, how to remain absolutely cognitive and mindful and improvise on your feet, how to convey your message succinctly and engagingly, and give the gift of you, whether talking to one person or ten thousand – and how to leave an audience feeling enlivened and uplifted.

You’ll learn to use your voice, your face, your hands, your posture, and your movement (body language).

You’ll learn how to claim the space.

You’ll learn the power of your intention.

You’ll learn to embody your role and function as a communicator and erstwhile entertainer (you’ll even learn about being funny).

You’ll learn how to embrace your audience with your love.

You’ll learn how to channel presence in great measure for the benefit and pleasure of whomever you’re talking to – even in the context of delivering a mundane business presentation, going for interviews, or of course just conducting sensitive or difficult one-to-one conversations with maximum collective or mutual benefit.

The ability and capacity to do all this has enriched my life more than I can describe and as beloved fellow member of the human family I’d sincerely love you to enjoy the same benefits.

That’s why I say with all my heart and soul, come and do this training with me.

It’s huge fun to do as well. There are 20 enjoyment-packed videos – the full introduction sets the whole training and background out for you. Then you receive one 10 minute-plus video each day for 18 days, during which I teach you thoroughly, passionately, patiently and most entertainingly everything mentioned above and way more – and suggest relevant exercises. And then there’s an outro-and-off-you-go video. You also get a thorough 14,000 word set of companion notes to provide a different angle on it all. And an audio-based guided motivation and confidence booster to play on repeat while you sleep or the equivalent, that having done the training will instill all the internal ‘oomph’ required.

Training starts May 23rd – you can buy it with one payment or in two installments – right here.

Bless you.

Come and get it – it’ll be brilliant, I just know it.

With all my love, Barefoot

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