Gods and spirits bearing gifts alert

What a time this is. So far the Hopis were bang on with their ancient prophesy for this phase of human history. They said the world would lose its underpinnings in every way, and that’s just what’s happening. Because get lost in the surface of things if you will, be deluded into believing the current economic flux is all down to a group of evil bankers if infantile fantasy is your thrill, but the actual reason things are as they are is simple and stark: the vital resources we depend on are all but gone, hence the wealth of the world is based on thin air.

And no matter how much quantitative easing is employed, no matter who stays in or leaves the euro, no matter which political parties people vote for, no matter who wins which pop contest, no matter how well people distract themselves with Olympic Games or whatever else, this fact remains, and specifically right now, the fact that fossil fuel will pretty much all be gone or too dear to access within 35 years, hence is now hugely expensive, and as we still run our entire show on it, life has become too costly for the majority of the world to sustain for very much longer.

Presumably our collective ingenuity will override our collective stupidity and we’ll use what fossil fuel we still have to drive the production of sustainable energy instead (and for all its dangers, nuclear fusion, driven by helium3 mined from the moon is still looking the best bet) and live to see another era. And if we do, I posit it will be an unprecedentedly golden one, which is where I firmly place my vote.

Either way, let’s use this view to remind ourselves to love and enjoy each and every precious moment of being alive.

That’s the gist of the mini-workshop I’ll be doing at the Mind Body Spirit festival in London on Saturday, June 2nd, where I’ll be elucidating on the above in detail, providing a potential antidote and teaching the actual mechanics, Taoist-style, for loving and enjoying it all to the full whatever happens. And as light relief Spencer Mac DJ and I will be on the main stage later in the day doing a DISCO HEALING – a brief mini-OM to raise the vibration a tad.

Book for MBS here

Meanwhile, my son Jake, the film-maker, whom I’ve naturally coached in the way of wu wei since infancy, is in the process of realizing a dream of his – Alan Rickman has always been a hero of his and has just agreed to be in a short film Jake’s co-written with his friend Ben. They need to raise £10K to go towards making it and are using the Sponsume crowd-sourcing site we used for THE BIG OM, so if you fancy having an executive producer credit on a film that’ll probably win all sorts of awards judging by what I’ve heard so far.

Find out more & support Jake’s film here

And it’s the last satsang of this 12-week marathon series, this Sunday at 1700 BST – I’ll be transmitting from the top of a cliff in Ibiza and the theme is opening that portal above to a new golden era (despite the appearance of murkiness presently all about) – it’s going to be special and much more so if you’re there too, so whether you’ve been to one before or not, this will be a spectacular metaphysical ride to come on, truly – but do book at least one hour before to get on.

Book for Barefoot Satsang here

That’s it and that’s all for now, as you were and thankyou for reading, your energy is important.

May you feel such joy in simply being alive today, that the power of it magnetizes even gods and spirits bearing gifts for you, let alone mere mortals.

With love, Steph, BD

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