Go forth and inherit the world

The idea of nationhood is fundamentally a myth. When seen in context of an infinite universe, a nation is merely the product of a spell placed on a piece of territory by successive generations of natives – the language, the customs, the beliefs, the laws, the architecture, shared sense of aesthetics and style of media amongst other factors, all go to together to comprise the myth of nationhood – all comprise the spell being woven. Because when you look down at Italy, Spain, America, England, Norway or Tonga Tonga, say, from the air, it’s clear that the territory below is part of something far more powerful and ultimately ungovernable than anything that could be contained within a human myth, no matter how well established, reinforced or defended, nor no matter what name you give that territory or how well established the infrastructure of the particular group of humans who inhabit that territory may be. That territory, which happens to be known as Italy, Spain, America, England, Norway or Tonga Tonga is nothing less than a product of the same force as made the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars and to imagine you can reduce it to something as mundane as the human-made myth of nationhood is mere vanity.

But as soon as the people put their spell on the land, the land put its spell on the people, to the extent, that at first glance you may dismiss what I’m saying as poppycock but think about it.

Wherever you are on the planet right now, as we hurtle blind round the sun at 66,000 miles per hour while spinning on our axis at 1,000 miles per hour but don’t even know we’re moving, whichever nation you find yourself in right now, consider how all the reference points used to define the territory as a nation are merely symbolic. The language consists of symbols alluding to a particular model of reality. The customs are symbols of continuity of that model. The architectural signals given off in the design and proportions of the buildings through the ages are symbolic of the aesthetics of the model and so on.

Yet all it is, this nation whose ground currently supports your physical frame, is an evolving illusion generated by powerful spell put on the land by the people who’ve lived there, generation after generation, which in turn has put a spell on them.

And the point I’m making?

Deconstruct the myths affecting your local existence and you instantly gain the power of clarity and perspective in terms of dealing with the systems in place and with the people there – you cease to be a slave to the myth and regain your natural drive for adventure – the world is your oyster and there are no limits to what you can do or where you can go to do it, other than those you place on yourself, as a result of having been bamboozled into subscribing to the illusory constraints of the local infrastructure and the model it supports.

This opens your eyes to the level of spell-casting going on to perpetuate the myth – both by you and others.

You cast a spell simply by seeing reality a certain way, then your every thought, word and deed are informed by the way you’re seeing reality and hence comprise aspects of the spell you’re casting to make reality be as you’re seeing it. However by transcending the compulsive level where you believe your perception of reality is reality itself, where you believe the optical illusion of it all, you realise you can create reality any way you choose it simply by seeing it differently.

So then you become more refined with the spells you’re casting. Especially when you know that the spell you cast, you are immediately bound by – in other words if you cast a spell on someone or something, that someone or something immediately has a spell cast over you. When you know that, you naturally start to figure that if you make your spells open-ended, wide-ranging, liberating and inclusive of universal abundance for all, that’s the reality you’ll be held spellbound by in return.

In other words, see a world in which everyone feels contained and comfortable in their skins and hence doesn’t feel the need to act out and violate others, in which everyone has access to having everything they need, in which everyone has the facility to develop their creative potential in whichever field appeals to them, in which everyone has the possibility to live out a fabulous adventure, and that’s the world you’ll create for yourself.

I’m really talking about a different angle on Taoist magic, in terms of manifesting things you want by releasing an intention into the ether – it’s traditionally known as wu wei or the art of effortless manifesting, something which although I’ve written a successful book about (MANIFESTO) and with which I’ve been experimenting for 30 years, I still feel like the sorcerer’s apprentice and am always looking for slicker and slicker ways to make it work and subsequently explain it and currently this is as refined as it gets my end – visualise a world in which all the people have what you would want for yourself –wish it for them all with all your heart and in time, providing you fulfil your responsibilities and obligations in your own life, you will inherit that very world for yourself.

And that is what I’m visualising for you for today, that you inherit the very world itself – and why not – can you tell me?

No you can’t.

With love, BD

5 Responses to “Go forth and inherit the world

  • 🙂

  • Windsor
    5 years ago

    Dear Steph,

    Thank you for a wonderful post.

    You express such wisdom and I am forever grateful to know you.

    Love, Windsor

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      As am I you, dear Windsor – you’re a king among men – how’s the drumming career? Love, S

  • Love it!..we’ve already inherited the world :)….let’s look after it..Wishing YOU, dear Doc,that you have everything you want 🙂 xxx

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    5 years ago

    Dear Stephen – what an amazing insight into inheriting the world – and you have explained it beautifully- I’ve always believed that the ‘world is your oyster’ and anything can be achievable with a different angle on Taoist magic. Bless you
    with love

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