Glide With Ease Past All Interference Today

There was a storm of unparalleled scale in the skies above here the other day. During a brief intermission, in a gap between black, lightening streaked banks of cloud, the sun suddenly shone through with such brilliance, it lit up all the land in the brightest gold imaginable and triggered the most perfect, complete double rainbow ever to be seen. It was like the archway to a new reality, a new hitherto undiscovered dimension in which all our dreams come true.

Then, just as suddenly, the black cloud-banks closed ranks again and the storm revved back up, now three times as powerful, delivering an unbroken treacherous sheet of high-speed horizontal driving rain. Drunk-driving rain. Angry drunk-driving rain. Road-rage rain.

Next morning the big black cloud monsters moved off to terrorize some other landmass, the sky cleared to a deep blue and the sun shone down on the world of people and machines once again.

Take this as a metaphor for what happens when you instigate a manifesting process to bring a new set of conditions into your life.

Things are generally dark and stormy in the first place, hence the initial urge to make change. The rainbow appears – that moment of grace in which you let the Great Way know your desire and intention and your request is received. That moment of stepping through the arch into the new.

And as soon as you do, all hell appears to break loose as all your inner resistances and blocked energy pathways run interference on the process.

But you remain stalwart and true to the goal, humbled nonetheless by the power of creation as it swirls into a different configuration.

And when you wake up in the morning, the sky starts clearing and the way to exponential progress opens up to you.

For a trick to maintain inner stability through such manifesting buffeting, see today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop where all will be revealed.

May you glide with ease and dexterity past all interference to all your goals today.

Love, D


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