Giving What You Want Space To Manifest

In the process of manifesting something you want, life will sometimes test you and make it look as if the goal is unreachable. At these time, the way through is twofold: one, hold fast to the vision of what you want and keep seeing it as if it’s already fact, in spite of the way external events may seem to be going in the opposite direction, and two, use this as an opportunity to let go of needing it to happen. Give it space not to be, in other words, for only by giving it space not to be, do you give it space to be.

We’re dealing primarily with the psychic realm here. 98% of the manifesting process occurs on the psychic level before the remaining 2% brings what you want into manifest reality. So if you’re psychically crowding the process by being too needy for it to happen, you’re limiting the possibilities. The process simply won’t have enough room to grow within.

You have to be willing to be complete and satisfied with or without what you want coming into manifestation.

You have to let go of the need – you have to let go of it happening at all, yet you have to simultaneously keep holding onto the vision regardless.

To ensure best results with all manifesting processes, keep your vision merely to one of you looking and feeling utterly beautiful, safe, abundant, successful, happy, healthy, confident and thriving and leave the surrounding, supporting details to the Tao Of Everything to sort out for you. That way you allow the Tao the greatest scope to perform for you and deliver the largest result possible, which you might have otherwise limited with limited imagination. Only the Tao Of Everything is big enough to see the whole picture and so move the details of material life optimally to ensure the optimal result for you.

Meanwhile, as an exercise in letting go, for the next three out-breaths, let go of needing anything to happen at all, other than needing to be here enjoying being here just for the sake of being here, as this is what you’ve manifested so far, so you might as well enjoy it or what’s the point.

May you enjoy yourself being here so much today and tonight  regardless, you don’t even care what you manifest next.

Love, Doc

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2 Responses to “Giving What You Want Space To Manifest

  • Teresa-Iche
    4 years ago

    Once more your words allowed an ‘Ahhhh! Yes’. to drop in…………….

    ‘Give it space not to be’

    wonderful man – thank you

    • Steph, BD
      4 years ago

      Aaaahhh back at you dear T – lovely of you to comment – I get a sense there’s a bit more aaaahhhh in the air today – despite the news perhaps the tension’s starting to ease off – may it be so

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