Getting Clear Guidance On The Best Way Forward

Take a moment to scan your body for areas you’re gripping on for no reason and wherever you find tension, say, as if addressing a person, “Tension, reeelax!”

Repeat this all up and down your body – back of neck, shoulders, face, throat, upper back, chest, middle back, upper abdomen, lower back, lower abdomen, pelvic floor, hips, arms, hands, legs, feet, until your whole body has softened.

Now give your body the command: “Breathe!”

Let your breath slow down. As the breath comes in, relax your chest and let your belly gently swell. As the breath leaves again, again relax your chest and let your belly gently flatten.

Now think of a situation – any situation that’s causing your stress at the moment, any situation that’s presenting you with a challenge.

As you do this remain relaxed and in your body with your breath flowing freely.

Now imagine that deep inside your skull, roughly where your midbrain is situated, is a cave and in the cave sitting on a sumptuous pile of richly coloured silk and satin cushions, is a miniature version of you, except this version is the perfected one – and it’s glowing with a light of absolute clarity, a humble smile of serenity and knowing on its face.

With the situation in mind, ask this inner mini-being, this inner font of all wisdom, to reveal the precise steps you need to take to ensure the optimum outcome for you and everyone involved.

Within the hour, you’ll hear the still, small voice of that mini-self, giving you the information you need to succeed on the next leg of the journey. So be alert.

Merry Monday wish: that it guides you from miracle to miracle, wonder to wonder today.

Love, D

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