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Having faith life will work out ultimately means having faith your death will work out too, in other words, having faith that the benign presence watching over you, who at the deepest level is actually you but you believe you’re way smaller than it so you are, knows precisely what it’s doing and that everything that happens or doesn’t happen, happens or doesn’t because it’s exactly what needs to happen or not happen to produce the best result at all times in terms of the healthy growth of your soul, that aspect of you that goes on forever, lifetime after lifetime bearing witness to the ever-unfolding story of the universe and yours in particular, which means, other than having to read a very long sentence, you get to think about making peace with that benign presence, to desist questioning and being at odds with it and instead surrender in full faith that you’ll get the very best deal possible at all times, and that when it comes time to drop your body and move on, this will not constitute losing the game in any way, no matter how sad to leave, no matter how sad others are for you to leave, that, to the contrary, it constitutes you passing along the path you were always going to anyway at precisely the time you do and all is well, always was and always will be, in spite of all the various black holes and other bogeymen of existence.

Read that in similar way as swallowing a swig of whisky – let it infiltrate and warm the cockles of your mind and in turn find yourself feeling lighter about life, lighter about death, more willing to live it breath by breath and as a result, more empowered with each passing moment as today and tonight unfolds.

Love, Doc

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