Generating wealth

You can say lots of things about money. In fact because it’s actually imaginary or more precisely merely symbolic, you can say whatever you like about it. For example, you can say it symbolises energy, hence why it’s referred to as currency – that which flows and that by getting your own personal energy to vibrate at a higher frequency, you’ll attract, via the immutable law of magnetism, more money to you.

Or you can say money has an innate spirit, the Spirit Of Wealth and that by developing a loving, trusting dialogue with it, you are able to entice it to come with more presence and amplitude into your personal sphere.

Or you can say that money represents the Tao in motion, at least that aspect of the Tao that informs the financial level of material reality and that by loving and trusting the Tao to manifest itself as whatever you most need here on the material plane, you in fact do induce it to so manifest.

However you choose to view it, what’s important in terms of generating wealth, is that you develop some sort of rapport with the ineffable, mysterious force informing and generating wealth and having done so, guide its presence into your life.

It may take a while attracting its attention as there are countless many calling on it every second of the day but if you remain persistent and hold your ground, all the while, guiding the flow towards you, you will succeed in doing so in the fullness of time.

However, the point is actually not the money itself, for as you know or can well imagine, no matter how much money there is in the account, if the heart is unhappy, the money won’t in itself change that.

And the heart is only truly happy, when in active communion with the source of all life, in conscious partnership with the Tao Of All This, itself.

So this reaching out for dialogue with the Tao, the Spirit Of Wealth, is a reaching from the heart rather than the head. It’s a yearning to connect from deep in the chest.

With your heart open to the Tao, invite the Spirit Of Wealth into your life now and visualise money winging its way towards you from all directions in ever increasing measure, intensity, velocity, amplitude and speed.

See it forming a voluminous pile around you.

Know abundance is always with you and draw yourself back into the everyday state, confident in the magic you’ve wrought.

May it be so and your Monday be merry and replete with glad tidings.

Love, D

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