How To Generate A Thousand Times More Power, Energy And Sheer Magic As The Day Unfolds

You’ll notice if you peak into your own forebrain, a whole dialogue going on between different factions of you about how well or badly you’re doing in the game of everyday life, the world of the world, the world of the ten thousand things, as the ancient Taoists called it, and about how to do better, which choices to make and so on.

The usual way is to spend all day focused on that, seeing the world through it as if with a filter over your lens. What this does is merely perpetuate the dialogue – a dialogue for the sake of it. Yet it feels so real, you mistake it for reality itself.

This puts you one removed from what’s actually going on within and around you and so deprives you of the flow of chi or power available in any single moment. Chi only flows where there is no mental clutter blocking the way – the mind directly affects the energy meridians.

However because many years have been laboriously invested in developing the internal dialogue it would be idealistic imagining being able to stop it. Instead, provide yourself an alternative mode to flip yourself in and out of throughout the day and by and by, your uptake of available chi will increase naturally, leaving you more powerful, fulfilled and at peace in the moment and more able to operate effectively in the world of the ten thousand things.

It’s just a matter of frequently remembering to drop out of the internal dialogue, to click the x on the dialogue window for a second or two every few minutes, to drop the everyday drama momentarily and sit/stand/lie or crouch in silence and stillness.

For while it will not adversely alter or disrupt your schedule to do so, you’ll avail yourself of a thousand times more power, energy and sheer magic as the day unfolds.

To learn the precise technique for stilling the mind, read today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop.

Merry Monday wish: a thousand times more.

With love, B

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