Gaining perspective

In waiting for something to happen, do whatever you can without forcing things or yourself, do it as excellently as you can and then be willing to exercise patience. Tell yourself you have all the time in the world and if what you want to happen doesn’t happen this round, it’ll happen next.

Then surrender into the moment, moment by moment, vowing and honoring that vow, to love being alive regardless. Keep reminding yourself you’re on a planet spinning on its axis at 1000 miles an hour, while whizzing round the sun at 66,000 miles an hour, which is extraordinarily fast compared to the sorts of ground speeds we’re used it and that’s the real ride going on, not the mini-rides we mistake for reality and then proceed to get all hung up over.

If you’re still here you’re winning the game in other words, and if you relax into the moment holding a powerful intention in mind, what you want to happen will happen much faster and more elegantly.

I wish you a Monday of deep perspective.

Love, D

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