Full compassion

If you look back over your life, all the way back to early childhood, you’ll discern a relationship that’s been going on all the while between the manifest, visible self that stumbles and bumbles along and the inner guiding presence of the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful invisible self – the Tao within, though let’s not get hung up on what we call it or how we describe it – it’s ineffable and unfathomable but we all know what it is.

At times your dealings with others lead you to a state of distress or confusion or both, which in turn leads to a state of self-doubt, which fundamentally indicates a momentary split-off between the visible and invisible, between the local and universal selves.

When this occurs you feel alone, as if your invisible self has deserted you.

It hasn’t.

You’ve just pulled a curtain across and can’t see it for the time being.

These are the moments faith is required – a willingness to believe the connection will be re-established.

And you can shorten the interlude by simply drawing the curtain back again and allowing the inner presence to speak and guide you.

Visualise pulling back the curtain now to reveal yourself in the perfected state, glowing with a subtle golden light, smile of the whole universe in eyes gazing back at you with full compassion. Ask for its guidance and help. Ask for everything you want and it will be delivered to you.

Start by asking for instant rebalance, comprising peace of mind, health, love, abundant wherewithal and harmony in all your relationships.

The first bit of guidance it gives you in relation to this will be to stop holding your breath, relax, let your thoughts drift and sink into being here now. The rest will follow of itself.

Let the asking come from your heart. Let everything you do today and tonight come from the heart and all will be well.

May the way reality manifests for you today and tonight be so surprisingly elegant and magnificent it leaves with no other option than to exclaim, ‘golly gosh, this is posh,’ or words to that effect.

With love, Steph the BD

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