Fulfill your potential

Imagine wishing that everything was exactly as it was. In other words, imagine being content being who, how and where you were, appreciating the moment as if it was your last. Imagine not feeling the dissatisfaction arising from wanting something and by the very nature of wanting, not having it. Imagine if all you had to do was breathe and relax to achieve such a state.

Well that is all you have to do. However, this isn’t to suggest by breathing and relaxing you’ll replace discontent with contentment. It’s just that you now have another option.

In fact there are always two opposing forces underlying every moment of your life: the yin or urge to stasis and the yang, or dynamic urge – the former making you want to keep things as they are, the latter making you want to improve or develop things to the next level. The art is to balance the two, so you feel enough contentment to enjoy being who, how and where you are and enough motivation to stop you stultifying.

And one major key to attaining this balance also lies in the breathing. Inhalation equates to yin and exhalation to yang. Even the two out and you automatically help balance the yin and yang within.

On the psychological level, wish for everything to be exactly as it is and relish each moment as if it is your last, yet include as part of that scenario, you simultaneously being motivated to risk stepping out of your safety zone to experience new challenges, then be willing to hold these two apparently conflicting urges comfortably within by relaxing even more.

So ultimately it’s all down to relaxing. After all stressing yourself never did you any favours so why feel obliged to keep doing it?

Meantime make a wish for everything to be exactly as it is – it will ground you and make you feel alive and powerful in the moment.

And my loving wish for you, dear Member, is that you love where you are right now and keep loving it as the moments of your life unfold today and in that love, you realise your full potential.

Love, B

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