From would-if-I-could to here I am ladies and gentlemen in one easy quantum leap

DSC_1017 lo resYou might recall we did a survey a few weeks back asking:

If you had absolute confidence and could express yourself excellently, how would it change your current situation/ improve your life?

Reading through the initially relatively daunting volume of anonymous responses was, as always, a poignant and, of course, privileged experience. Because if you read them in sequence you get a perfect and I mean perfect ‘cross-sectional’ snapshot of the modern human condition. Not in an intellectually abstracted sense like the mad scientist stroking his goatee muttering to Sue du Crew, ‘very interesting, Miss Crew’, or anything like it, but in a heart-sense – you feel it.

So on consultation with Miss Crew, felt it behoved me to share a sample with you – main body of those at the bottom of the mail if you’re curious and have time – reading them is a beautiful process and I recommend it highly – but for example:

  • I would worry less about doing/saying the wrong thing
  • I would feel happier when meeting new people
  • I would be more listened to and believed
  • I would be fearlessly creative
    (check the rest at the end later)

The survey confirmed how people fear to the point of phobia giving that speech or presentation, going for that interview, having the conversation that would transform their life, or get them that job, that deal, that promotion, where they’ll stand up for what they really want, launch their project or business, gracefully exit unhealthy relationships, and of course step on that stage for the first time – they fear the stumbling stops and starts, they fear running away, they fear getting frustrated and angry, feeling humiliated, defeated, unaccepted, judged, criticized, and ostracized.

And it wasn’t a surprise as I say – it confirmed my own observations over the years, not to mention my observations of me way back in 1983/4 while studying at The Actors Institute in London and New York with Dan Fosse and some of the best performance teachers ever. And it doesn’t matter how gifted, good-looking, generally confident, successful or well-heeled – this fear or phobia affects pretty much everyone.

Over the years I’ve worked intensively and extensively with hugely popular, successful, self-assured DJs, musicians, singers, actors, big-up business buccaneers, designers, film-directors and all sorts – even a reformed heavyweight gangster, getting each ready for a big event – and everyone has the same underlying set of factors to deal with.
And this is not just in relation to public speaking – this is about communicating clearly and conveying your message to everyone’s full satisfaction no matter whether in front of an audience of 5,000 or one, and no matter the context. The ability to do so and to enjoy doing so is so deeply fundamental to being a fully developed, well-rounded person, it’s obvious cracking this nut will bring about utterly huge benefits and unimagined blessings on every level.

The subtext of my own message to you in this instance, for instance, is that I can help you express yourself just as you’d love to in a unique way that’s so easy and enjoyable to learn you’ll wonder why we both left it so long – and I would dearly love to help you to.

It takes a mere 18 days to transform your delivery skills from nothing, to something to be reckoned with by no matter whom. It’s just like you’re one of those people I’ve worked with one-to-one preparing for various huge events and paying a hefty whack for the privilege, bless them all, except it’s totally affordable – I make sure of that because I’m motivated by my calling rather than my bank balance, much to the chagrin of my lovely long-suffering accountant – and by having fun. And did I have fun making this training.

Check it out right here

The qualities it takes to be able to stand in front of an audience of tens or thousands are just the same qualities it takes to carry yourself confidently in the day-to-day interactions, by which you form and sustain worthwhile relationships and attain to your birthright of optimum fun and fulfillment in every so-called area of your life.

It’s all about presence, having it, expressing it and sharing it – as an adroitly managed outward expression of your unique version of humanness (yes, even/especially in something as prosaic as a business presentation) – humanness in the deepest sense as that which informs humanity and everything else – the Tao, the Great Presence herself.

I call it the GREAT PRESENCE TRAINING – because it’ll give you great presence. It’s a fully failsafe method for developing confidence so you can go out there/in there or wherever and knock ’em dead – public speaking, business presentations, pitches, interviews, up front and personal communication, and any other communicational context you can thnk of.

The process is profound yet only takes 18 days – faster if in a real rush – this based on having worked with enough people over the decades to gauge the optimal tempo, because as I say it’s exactly the same process I use if taking someone through the process personally – perhaps even more so. Each day you get a process to go through with me -all on video – these are uniformly fascinating to do and could easily comprise a thorough self-therapy process in their own right – therapy in terms of growing into the fullness of your magnificent self before your very eyes, as it were – voice, body, face, attitude, stance, clarity, congruence with the message, self-confidence, accessing your inner power and all other pertinent factors are developed steadily yet surprisingly swiftly as you progress through the videos, you gain:

  • full command of your mind and what it was you wanted to say
  • full command of your vocal tone, your cadence, your tempo
  • full command of your face, your facial expression, your posture, your body language
  • full command of your self-confidence and self-esteem

– all yours for the having with this training.

Realizing your potential as a communicator and/or presenter, able swiftly to achieve clarity about the message you want to deliver, able to remain absolutely cognitive and mindful and improvise on your feet, conveying your message succinctly and engagingly, and giving the gift of you, whether talking to one person or ten thousand, and enjoying every minute of it, will transform your whole life – said without any hyperbole.

  • understanding the power of intention
  • understanding your role and function as communicator
  • understanding the role of your listener or audience, and perhaps above all,
  • understanding presence.

All this understanding is yours with this training – and not just understanding, nor even under-stumbling, but embodying great presence at will.

The GREAT PRESENCE TRAINING – starts Saturday 23rd May – go from would-if-you-could to here I am ladies and gentlemen in one easy quantum jump – full details here

With all the love of the Great Presence informing me to the Great Presence informing you (and all our other sisters and brothers of the human family),


PS, more of the survey responses are here:

• I would be more upfront at work about the value I give
• I would improve the lives of others, step into my destiny without fear
• I would feel more validity as a person and less vulnerable
• I would be braver and feel I could achieve goals easier
• I would be able to get out of where I’m stuck and back to what I love
• I would feel empowered and free
• I would be doing more of what I want
• I would be able to speak my mind
• I would have a better relationship with my family
• I would get my new business going, confident I would have clients
• I would go for my dreams and aspirations BIG TIME
• I would get on and move on – not feel resentful, guilty, angry etc
• I would be a better story teller and come across as wiser
• I would be a full time writer and motivational public speaker
• I would be a healer and not be afraid to tell everyone
• I would sit in myself, sensitive to the other but not feeling all this horrible tension around every communication
• I would be more in tune with my own needs and would be able to express them without fear of hurting or alienating others
• I would stand up for myself when I need to
• I would be more confident in social situations and feel accepted
• I would have the courage to succeed again
• I would feel greater influence over my own destiny, greater possibility for things to happen, greater belief and faith
• I would be so much happier and so would my family
• I would have a more suitable job equalling more satisfaction, self-worth, self-belief, more confidence, a more fulfilling life and a better standard of living.

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