From toilets to triumph

I’ve been working in Nice this week with Jeffery Hessing, sorting the music from the Jeff ‘n’ Steph project for his bit at THE BIG OM , meeting with the film-maker who’s going to create a clip for one of the tunes, and holding satsang (meditation session) in Monaco, and a jolly pleasant time it’s been, with a slew of surprising moments and deep insights.

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Perhaps the most surprising moment was talking to a man at the satsang, who’d not been before. I felt instant kinship with him before we started on account of his beautiful eyes, humility and grace, and we fell into a heart-to-heart discussion. He’d left Kenya as a young man, arrived in London without a bean and got a job cleaning toilets. He’d saved up (imagine that from a toilet cleaner’s wages), bought a fish and chip shop in Brixton, went from that into the hotel and leisure business, wound up owning a large portion of the world’s finest hotel chains, and is now a multibillionaire: an unlikely trajectory from cleaning toilets to being one of the wealthiest men in the world .

I asked if he feels proud of himself. He shrugged modestly, smiled and assured me it hadn’t been him: he’d just been following inner guidance. I asked, in the light of life being but a fleeting ride along the Great Thoroughfare, whether the money was important to him. “Not at all”, he answered, “the only important thing is this relationship,” alluding to his dialogue with the Tao.

Coincidentally, my online satsang this Sunday (at 1700 BST, book by 1600 BST to get on if you haven’t registered already), is all about that dialogue and through it knowing all your needs are met, provided you follow the guidance and dedicate yourself in service to the greater good, whereby you no longer need ever fall prey to envy or coveting your neighbour’s bits and pieces, not even his/her yellow leopard skin hat – and it would be lovely if you were there too.

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And if you happen to have entrepreneurial leanings yourself and fancy making something of the adventure, I’m doing a special one-off master-class this coming Thursday 24th at the Institute of Directors in London, where I’ll be divulging the mechanics behind how you actually get from toilets to triumph the Taoist way. Because it’s an in-depth exploration, I can only take six people and there’s one place left. So if you fancy the notion of performing that level of magic in your life just now,

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Similarly for the first of the two damn-deluxe yet good value retreats I’m excited to be running this year in deepest, most beautiful Italy June 3rd to June 10th, under the auspices of the fabulous F**kit crew, one or two places remain unclaimed and could be yours on clicking through to:

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And if you’re in or near London on July 8th, I’m doing a super-dooper DISCO HEALING with Spencer Mac DJ, for charity at the Global Love Day and it’s going to be brilliant:

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I hope I get to see you somewhere in all this, online or off, and in any case am transmitting magic chi your way today and everyday.

With love, Steph BD Sunday – it’ll be a blast, and so much more so with you there.

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