Fresh and sweet with the abundance of life

You can either fight it or go with it. Whatever it is. Whatever’s presenting itself, whether potentially stressful or pleasing, you can either resist or surrender.

To surrender you simply have to stop fighting in your body and relax. Relax all your muscles starting at the crown of your head and working your way swiftly down to your fingers and toes, softening everywhere along the way. But we’re not talking about being a pushover here. Simultaneously have a mind for lengthening your spine by pushing your neck back a bit, as this will give you instant dignity, literally uprightness.

Now look at what’s presenting itself before you and notice how much fear you have of it and how much you’re tensing your solar plexus region in anticipation, in turn inhibiting your breathing thus triggering anxiety (holding the breath does that).

And then breathe and let go into it with a lengthened spine, all dignified and upright, boldly facing the new.

And ask yourself how you’d like today and even the rest of your life to turn out. Ask yourself whether your goal is success, happiness, satisfaction, joy, fulfilment of potential, excitement, love, abundance and wellbeing, or proving yourself right that life is a struggle.

You’ll get whichever one you intend to get. That’s how simple it is.

By being clear about your intention in that respect, by letting go, relaxing, breathing and lengthening your spine to afford yourself presence, the current of life can flow through you more easily and by extension through your affairs and the results will be beautiful for all concerned. Damn up the flow by tensing against life, on the other hand and you snag the energy field around you to everyone’s detriment – you lessen the light.

Let your underlying mission be to brighten and thereby increase the light for everyone. That way you’re on the same side as the sun and the sun, the source of all light in our region of the universe, will smile on all your endeavours.

Feeling bright?

May your day and night unfold like a flower making the air around and within you smell fresh and sweet with the abundance of life.

Love, Doc

2 Responses to “Fresh and sweet with the abundance of life

  • Gabrielle
    5 years ago

    Great stuff ~** as it happens, yesterday my morning ‘Angel card’ meditation was ‘Surrender’ (as in to the day) and what a shiny productive day 🙂 ‘The less i do the more I achieve’ ~ * xxx

  • Love your words.

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