Bringing us back to our souls, bringing us back to our true natures, which is my brief, puts pay to depression.

Depression occurs and literally means when you push or press yourself down – you cramp your soul, cap your spirit, stop being you, necessarily are obliged to start acting instead, and become an empty shell rather than the living vessel of consciousness you were intended to be.

I can’t dispense with this whole issue in five minutes , nor even five hours as the condition runs from and on a deep level, but I can provide this fun little five-part reset process that will instigate the pattern-dislodging process for you.

This mini-series of succinct audio experiences, is based on using auto-suggestion to implant self-affirmative concepts that will undermine the self-negating ones you’re probably operating from now – whether you’re depressed or not.

These will subtly turn things on their head for you and instigate a discreet healing process with days of doing the exercises.

Listen to one audio a day over the next five days and follow along with the process in each (you’ll need a pen and paper) – AND DO MAKE FREE TO PASS THESE ON to anyone feeling depressed who might benefit by them.

Give me feedback – leave a comment


SECRET 1: There is no such thing as depression

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Seriously. It’s radical to say. But depression as we’ve come to know it, doesn’t exist. It’s a figment of imagination, a way of selling anti-depressant drugs to now approaching nearly 50% of the developed world’s citizens (so big business), and colluding with it, a way of abnegating responsibility for your own mind.

Depression is not a disease. Depression describes the state in which you depress yourself, literally, push yourself down, cap yourself, suppress yourself, compress yourself.

And if you can find the lever by which to desist from doing what feels like compulsive but isn’t, the so-called depression lifts – you stop depressing yourself.

Whether depressed or not, just write down by hand 6x so it triggers a connection in your subconscious where the real choices are made:

depression (along with all other mental states) is not a disease, it’s not an entity, it’s merely a description of me squashing the true self. When I give my true self its head, when I am being real, operating from my soul, there’s no such thing as depression because I naturally cease squashing myself.

You doing this two days running twice a day will serve as a deeply lodged pattern-un-doer and contribute to paving the way for a new state.

Pass it on.

SECRET 2: Depression belongs in the realm of delusion

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Depression belongs in the realm of delusion – the delusion that you’re here to suffer rather than enjoy the ride. There are many things that can trigger you into a depressed state – but at the route of it all is pretending to be somebody you’re not, thus losing contact with your own soul, living a hollow act instead if being really true. And when you return to knowing yourself for who you really are, without judging it bad – merely embodying your true nature rather than fake it for the sake of others it, it is impossible to depress yourself.

You may feel fed up sometimes, but so what. That’s only one small part of the cyclical procession of sensations and emotions that runs constantly, and is nothing to fear.

Write down by hand 6x so it has a chance to connect with your subconscious:

where the true choices are made, who and what I am behind the façade is worth experiencing while I’m here, rather than obscure it trying to conform.

Do this two days running twice a day – it will serve as a further deeply-lodged pattern-un-doer to pave the way for a new state.

Pass it on.

SECRET 3: The conventional understanding of depression derives from a conventional understanding of mind

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The conventional understanding of depression derives from a conventional understanding of mind, which in fact is not an understanding at all, it’s a misunderstanding in both cases. Or an under-stumbling if you want to be polite about it.

The mind is thought of variously as a place and an entity (with a will all of its own). It’s seen as something separate, something potentially awful, something to fear, and certainly not something to take command of. But it’s not even a something you can take command of. It’s not a thing at all. It’s not even an it.

Mind is process. Mind is activity (transmission of impulses). Mind is thought processes. Mind is imagination. Mind is awareness. Mind is cognition. Mind is consciousness.

Consciousness is not static. Consciousness is not some plateau made of granite anchored to the floor of the cosmos. Consciousness is ubiquitous It informs everything, and I mean everything, from the smallest subatomic particle whizzing around inside a lump of old firewood, to the brain-cells of whoever the greatest genius on the planet is right now, from the bricks of an industrial estate in any Chinese megalopolis to the dust on the surface of a planet 8 billion light years ago.

The brain channels consciousness. It receives a constant infinite stream of limitless information. It sifts and processes as much as your story about life will let you, it translates this into language you understand and gives you something to discuss with yourself.

Doing that in a messed up way is common to all humans, by degrees.

Look around and you’ll concede mess is ultimately unavoidable, no matter how much time you spend cleaning and tidying. Mess is intrinsic to life.

So rather than waste time de-messing your mental processes, learn to occupy a different part of the brain when you do your thinking so you’re able to observe and chair the discussion with yourself more sensibly, and you start making far more intelligent calculations.

The act of depressing, compressing or repressing yourself begins with a calculation. A fucked up calculation for sure, but a calculation.

Then if you let yourself be deluded into imagining you have a disease called depression you’re an easy sell when it comes to taking drugs to numb you. Anti-depressants have a place as an expedient but only because of bad education or total lack of education about how mind works, leaves us without the requisite armies of helpers to go about reminding people how to operate the internal machinery. But they only mitigate, not cure.

There is nothing to cure anyway aside from believing yourself powerless over your own mental functions.

Reposition yourself to take command of the processes and you naturally make better calculations than that.

Use this positive auto-suggestion by writing it up with a pen on paper 6x to make connection with the subconscious and so activate a subtle loosening of limited perspective, the effect of which will show within a few days (try saying all that in one breath):  

What I’ve previously described to myself as reality is merely that, a description…and not necessarily one worth subscribing to. What I’ve previously described to myself as my mind is merely that, a description…and not necessarily one worth subscribing to. What I’ve described as depression, along with how I’ve described any other unpleasant state, is merely that, a description, and not one necessarily worth having. And rather than be dismayed or disconcerted by acknowledging this I elect to feel delighted about it.

This will help throw up in the air the rigid bonds and boundaries of the outworn story in order to induce liberation of the soul. Effects will be felt within a few days.

Pass it on.

SECRET 4: The opposite of depression is expression

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The opposite of depression is expression. Depression means pressing down on your soul. Expression means pressing out from your soul. When you’re expressing your soul honestly and freely it’s not possible to simultaneously depress yourself – in conventional terms, when you’re expressing yourself and you’ll be unable to feel depressed.

Expression is internal in the way you talk to yourself, not just external. Express yourself in a fake people-pleasing way and you merely perpetuate the self-depressing tendency. Express your soul and you lift your spirit. The art is to express your soul all the time.

Meanwhile to encourage liberation spend a few moments moving your body spontaneously in a subtle dance to express the feelings in your belly and chest. Then sing 6x in full voice, no matter how shit it sounds in your ears,

I elect to roll from my soul – my goal is to operate whole.

This will affect you and you’ll feel liberated of a layer of downward pressure within days.

Pass it on.

SECRET 5: The natural state is an excited one – excited by being alive – a state of arousal

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The natural state is an excited one – excited by being alive – a state of arousal. When excited it’s impossible to be simultaneously depressed. Depression, the (mostly unconscious) act of pressing down on your ebullient nature, is the unnatural state. Most people electing to make themselves depressed, for it is initially a choice, however unaware of choosing it the person may be, tend to be excitable by nature. But if they haven’t learned to contain and channel their excitement it burns out and takes them down with it. If they learned to contain the excitement they wouldn’t get carried away on it, and then the inevitable deflation phase of the yin yang cycle wouldn’t feel so pernicious, if at all.

Instead of learning to contain it, which isn’t as hard as you may imagine, they go to doctors who are likely to diagnose them bipolar, and get prescribed antidepressants , which rather than go towards resolving the condition, merely mask it.

Try this instead.

Think of something that excited you in that past and take yourself back there, Now allow your body to feel excited. Then breathe out slowly, and relax your belly completely for a second or two. Allow the excitation to settle into your belly more each time you breathe in. From your belly let it spread outwards to fill all parts of your body as you breathe out again.

Do this for 9 breaths and repeat once more later in the day. After a week or so doing it daily, you’ll notice you’ve become more contained and the swing between high and low ceases to have significance.

This mini-series was a taster to hint at my radical approach and I’d like to think you enjoyed every moment.

Obviously though depression is a huge subject and to dispense with it so summarily would be an insult to your intelligence. But what I have done is create a splendid 6 week online training – a video every day – by the end of which your capacity for sheer joy will have expanded exponentially and you’ll hardly remember the suffering you’ve been through.

I say you, rather presumptuously, but I mean you or anyone you may know in need of treatment.

I call it the 100% ANTI-DEPRESSION TRAINING, because it 100% works, to bring you 100% back to your own power and glory in a jiffy.

Get full details of the 6 week video-based 100% ANTI-DEPRESSION TRAINING HERE


27 Responses to “

  • Cathy Turbinskyj
    1 year ago

    Been singing the ‘roll from my soul’ song out loud, to myself, and anyone within earshot, to a fave tune – it’s now part of my repertoire, nice one, Doc. Music has always been a powerful way of reaching those parts ordinary beers don’t reach….been feeling better’n’better as the week’s gone by, thank you. Nice gifts have been tumbling into my lap, co incidence or what?. Interesting, this rapture/despair, elation/depression thing. My journeying through lows and highs, highs and lows have given me such a keen vivid sense of being alive – each descent into the Underworld, like a near-death experience, so that when I do return, I feel such joy and gladness simply to be alive. I’m fond of my inner Rapidly Bicycling Polarbear, and rather grateful too, Love’n’bearhugs, xxx

  • rachel
    1 year ago

    Hmmm….not resonating with you Stephen with the ‘containment’. I believe so many of are so so repressed and supressed that first we need to free up and express and allow energy to move freely through us – as when it does – fully -then emotions more very swiftly into something else.
    And this is gonna take some time after a lifetime of holding and keeping stuff down for many of us
    Tried connecting to the excitement and what arose in me was no wish to contain – the last thing I wanna friggin do is more containment – instead I shouted ‘YES’ and then ended up skipping around the room.
    Feel much better for it 🙂
    I also have had less struggle with the blows life has brought as being what led me to no longer get excited. Right now i’m resonating more with being affected by others, even still now of telling me to be less…’don’t get so upset’ ‘no need to be so dramatic’ ‘don’t get emotional’ ‘well just be in the present moment’. Its this right now that makes me wanna scream…and yet also I wouldn’t at anyone saying this…as no point…because others telling us this sort of stuff is them telling us they are unable to be with emotions and full free life force.
    So I am so totally not interested in containment in ANY way. I trust the natural life force in my own being if its given freedom to release will find its own metamorphisis without any effort to contain
    Right now my being cant bare going anywhere near anything that speaks of containment. I have such a strong innate ‘No’ to this.

    • If you read my drift more carefully you’ll clearly see I wasn’t suggesting everyone needs to contain excitement – I was explaining an aspect of what causes the bipolar phenomenon whereby people range dramatically from super-high to super-low. So carry on as you were and enjoy every minute.

      What I would discern from your comment however is an underlying anger-in-general leading you to jump on whatever you can, whether justified or not to disagree with ie pick a fight over and that you might wish to examine that because if that’s a correct assumption on my part, it would be snagging your chi at some level.

      In any case I’m not and wouldn’t presume to present truths to be agreed with or disagreed with, I’m merely presenting programatic non-theoretical findings from observations gleaned over decades helping people with various conditions. And you possibly also misunderstand the concept of containment which is distinctly different from self-repression (depression) – this is in fact the very gist of Taoist practice, in sinking the rush of excitement (otherwise potentially wasted precious chi) from the chest and forebrain into the belly where it’s regenerated by the kidneys, thereby strengthening and sustaining the charge rather than us splurging it and consequently suffering the down-swing that will inevitably follow.

      So perhaps, if desirous of increasing the blessing of existence, rather than go into quasi-political mode when transacting with the material I present, consider adopting a more scientific, experimental and measured stance and absorb the data, allow it to percolate in the system and see what occurs. That’s how the ineffable magic of Taoist practice works, rather than sifting it through what you assume is the rational mind.

      Thanks for your comment and the inspiration to air this vital issue.

  • Judy Kennedy
    1 year ago

    The 5th audio is fascinating. I haven’t thought of bi-polar in that way. I’m sending this on to a client. Thank you xoxo

  • Stephen does our energy drop to depression level because we put to much focus on one project/person/money whatever at any given time, then when we come up against a hiccup instead of seeing past the problem we fall into it? So just like our friends whom we have many when we scatter our energy we can leave whatever is causing us stress and go onto something else then when we come back to whatever has the glitch we’ll more than likely be able to resolve it because in the gap we’ll have left space for our intuitive voice to be heard?
    Or we can ask you 🙂
    Love love love

  • synne robekk
    1 year ago

    i am grateful that you share these things with us, and so grateful it is free. I benefit from the pressure point releasing energy from my meridian system and will follow your lead so to speak 🙂

  • Marilyne St-Georges
    1 year ago

    Hi again!
    It is not clear to me how to express my soul – can you elaborate on this please? (Internally and externally)

    With kind thanks,

    Miss Maz xo

  • Cathy Turbinskyj
    1 year ago

    Ola dear BFD, am enjoying feeling yet another layer of connection with you, out in LA right now, after watching LaLaLand today with a sister (whose son is married,living and working in Orange, with his Dad visiting right now!), Also so enjoying and deeply benefiting from this worldwide connection with all of us dear beings engaging here in this remarkable, open-hearted, trusting exchange. Now. Want to comment on your choice of imagery that accompanies/intoduces your communications – ie the jolly laughing golden buddha, with pendulous earlobes, (nothing wrong there), and the 1940’s style glamour pin-up photos of women. Oh dear. Now, if I didn’t know you better, and hadn’t been reading your brill books from the start, and benefited so much from your wisdom and soul-companionship, and were looking about online right now for some help, wisdom, teaching, guidance etc, I would have been totally put off by those Betty-Boop images.Surely you can find better images to illustrate the idea of a woman, radiating vitality, joy in being in her body, enjoying fun and a good time?! I can’t be the only woman to have experience of just how crippling, shame-inducing, restraining, de-naturing, stress and anxiety inducing, all that ‘feminine’ shackles’n’chains business is – ie shame about body hair, and the power it represents and anything natural – strapping yourself into corsets, crippling/hobbling yourself with high heels, perming and dying hair, and the endless waxing, shaving, depilating.
    By the way, the buddha’s earlobe looks like a very pendulous breast of the pin-up – now, if that was your joke, I take back all of the above!!
    With love, CathArsis aka Farting Frieda xxx

    • Thanks for your critique dear Cathy. The point of my depicting 50s glamour girls is obviously ironic humor and to be taken as such. For as I’m sure you know and anyone can tell at a glance I’m a total equalicist (should be a word) when it comes to people no matter their gender so perhaps you just lost your sense of humor a tad here. Irony is fun.

      • Cathy Turbinskyj
        1 year ago

        Whoops, sense of humour failure – missed the irony….still, why can Buddha-boy be free to let it all hang out, and down, while the ladies have to nip, tuck and cinch it all in ?! it’s not FAIR (petulant voice with trace of whine)..
        Today’s singing really hits the spot, nice one, BFD (and you’ve got a lovely kind warm lilting voice) xx

  • rachel
    1 year ago

    Loved the phrase today about life naturally being a mess.
    Possibly where we have it all messed up in western culture – trying to make it neat and predictable.
    Nature is very messy and chaotic – like a seed as it starts to germinate and crack out and sprout roots in all direction searching for the light – its certainly not formal or pretty until the final part when its buds open into a flower.
    Every day right now is a new wave – one day its seems like I have found somewhere to live – the next it falls through and i’m back to potentially being homeless – one day my health going bonkers with being sick – the other it more settled again.
    Am wondering how to love the chaos more…its a strong path in surrender
    I have shook with fear, laid on the floor and cried, screamed into the waves at the ocean with overwhelm and despair
    What I have not been is depressed. At all
    Everything but.
    And one emotion changing to the next.
    I would choose this any day – despite the challenge of it – over the equilibrium of numbness I have know before
    Here’s to more mess!

    • Cathy Turbinskyj
      1 year ago

      Hello dear Rachel, a big heartfelt salutation to your courage – courage and daring to live outside your comfort zone – you are fully alive! Helpful insight too you’ve given me, re understanding the roots of my ‘depression’ (more like a raging frustration at myself for clinging, clinging to the safe, the known; not daring to leave the cocoon I’ve outgrown…). I love your inspiring spirit xx

      • rachel
        1 year ago

        Bless you Cathy for uplifting my day. I guess none of us really knows how we touch others lives – and sometimes it seems like we are doing nothing – or that by being more messy and uncontained we will have less of a ‘nice’ affect.
        My ‘outside the comfort zone’ challenge presenting itself yesterday was the opportunity to speak to radio and film about the effects of electromagnetic sensitivity on the body and our disconnection to nature. This is SO outside my norm. Yesterday I found myself on the front page of the local paper and spent the rest of the days hiding out in the trees 🙂 Hey sometimes we need a little time to adapt to our emerging wildness!
        Love your growing awareenss – and growing frustration – that now safety and whats knows isn’t what makes us safe.
        Of course what I share I also forget often! So we all need each other to remind us and help us re-member.
        Am seeing you right now wriggling and squirming with an energy that breaks you free of the cocoon and out emerges the beautiful butterfly you know yourself to be (somewhere in you you know this ;)) so that then you can fly free
        Its scary stuff eh…and yet like you recognise its full of life and free of numbness
        Welcome the rage if you can – even for moments – it’s a life force that’s simply wanting to help you release.
        Sending love in your unfolding xxxx

  • Wonderful! I found whilst writing it down that my handwriting became more wild and creative towards the 4th, 5th and 6th time, without me thinking about it, did anyone else experience this? Makes me think it’s releasing something in me to become more myself, If that makes sense…why do I feel the need to conform I’m asking myself…interesting and inspiring as always Dear Dr.

  • I shall try master, I shall try. I used know this and could pull myself out before it got started. But something happened and it jumps in when least expected. I have on a deep dive meditation and soul searching. I felt I had to with the toxic relationship I stayed in for way too long. during the deep dives there were incredible revelations and even some transformations and i was manifesting many art contracts from the virgin Islands and I was feeling on top of the world and then…i encountered “the Dark Night of the Soul”…i don’t know if you know anything about it or even if it is as real as i thought. i thought I was going insane..After how wonderful I was feeling and all of a sudden Wham..hit like brick..Crying with no control over everything..hating myself from all the things going through my mind that I did in the past. and the EGO taking over and loving it after all the work I did controlling it or trying to transform it to my goals. I finally was reading a book on UFOs and the pilot and author had the experience of ‘Dark night of the Soul” I said Holy S%&#..thats what is happening to me..finally..I thought for sure I was crazy and no one has ever heard of this. But i felt better that I wasn’t crazy. Then my daughters friend , a (psychic), and she sent me an article on it..It said it was a good thing and like pilot said ,”do not go through this alone”..Well I had no one at the time. I was losing friends or alienating them and alienated my daughter. her and I have been best friends forever.At one point I ran to the VA mental health but they tried to commit me so I had to run out..I went to see a mystic healer psychologist who I was told understands this stuff. It was a good session but I believe she didn’t have a clue. thank you Doc..this has helped a bit with this latest adventure.

  • Thank you for broadening the language, the concepts, the ideas, around an area of great importance, in living in today’s world, while searching for true happiness and ease.

  • rachel
    1 year ago

    Ironically the sound on my computer totally died for the first one of these, so finding myself with a silent gift of these audios I sat in front of the fire, letting the movement and sound of that enchant me, and the words that kept coming were ‘re-wild and un-tame, re-wild and un-tame, re-wild and in-tame’…
    So from this my own mantra got birthed and I feel I have the focus of 2017 for myself – to re-wild and in-tame my body and soul
    Thanks for the silent inspiration that nudged me to sit and see what arose from within, fired up from the flames round about

  • Feeling positive and open to this approach. Thank you. You make sense to me

  • Judy Kennedy
    1 year ago

    When one accesses one’s own power, there will be no need for anti-depressants.

  • Marcus
    1 year ago

    You’re reading the statement way, way too fast for me to write it down. I just got frustrated and gave up after you started to read it the 4th time as you were speeding up even more and I had t even completed writing it for the first time.
    I appreciate the concept and was coming to a similar conclusion myself (that depression is just a ‘symptom’ of other things rather than an illness in itself) but if you’re asking someone to write something down then you need to read it at writing speed.

    • Cathy Turbinskyj
      1 year ago

      Hi Marcus, you can copy the statement from the paragraph printed in bold, under the ‘click on audio bar’ thing. I found it’s really worth doing x

    • Marcus;
      If you look at his text attached to the voice player-it is written below. Don’t give up. Try again it’s important. Once you get it written you then can look at your own written words to copy-all the while hearing his voice!!!

  • Lewis Stuart
    1 year ago

    Thank you, Doc. Whilst I have experienced these very highs and lows I never quite knew how best to describe it. You’ve made it clearer for me and I truly relate to your outlook on this. Love, Lew

  • Cathy Turbinskyj
    1 year ago

    Oh nice one dear Doc! Been listening all day, your kind dulcet tones filling all the nooks and crannies of Clutter Cottage, through my lovely new laptop speakers, bathing all the nooks and crannies and crevices of my convoluted consciousness, giving each and every cell a restorative soundbath – mmm, feels good! Busy passing it on – what a gift you give us -xxx

  • Amer Saad
    1 year ago

    Hi BD, I agree with your thoughts. Before taking the path to work on trying to accept the reality for spiritual depth ‘just is- ness’ of the Tao, I was practicing, and still do, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – tapping on the energy meridian points to help release the negative energy that was getting in the way. Those healers had accepted that many forms of illnesses were related to a particular mind set. It is not surprising that depression often ‘runs’ in families – family members learn that a way of dealing with stress and feelings of overwhelm in life is through becoming depressed – a coping mechanism. Clearly, people having to deal with loved ones who are ‘depressed’ will have to deal with additional issues, which increases the life pressures on them. I don’t know what it would be like to be a child where your carer is mentally absent for long periods of time, so doesn’t provide the love, warmth and nurturing we all need. Having worked in the education system dealing with the consequences of dysfunctional carers, I am aware of some of the effects this has had on young people.
    However, as you note, loads of money is made by drug pushers through the ‘illness – take a pill’ approach. In addition the individual gets more attention, gets more care, and has an acceptable reason for finding their life difficult. Being honest as well, it is also far easier to take a pill than work on changing our mind set! The latter results in a far better life experience, but it just takes longer and is harder work. Love Amer xx

  • Susan Mammon
    1 year ago

    Your amazing, what are you?
    your amazing what are you?
    your amazing what are you?
    your amazing what are you?
    your amazing what are you?
    your amazing what are you?

    xx xx xx

    Thank you for your generous spirit ..sharing such wisdom…helping soooo many

  • Excellent, thank you!

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