Finding Your Direction Today

When your mind is torn between options, whether about big issues or small ones, the temptation is to try and resolve it with your mind. However, as you’ve no doubt noticed over the years, the mind doesn’t function well in this capacity. Instead it prefers to work in the following way:

Accept you already know the answer, the way and direction to take but on account of various emotional forces operating within, your mind is too clouded to know what you know.

Then in the humility of knowing you don’t know what you know, allow yourself to fall silent within for an instant and, as if addressing someone of immeasurable profound life-wisdom, as if addressing the great oracle, ask, ‘Which way do I go now – which direction do I take? Reveal it to me over the next 24 hours.’

Having done so, be absolutely sure to forget all about this chat. Imagine it never happened. Carry on as you were and within 24 hours, providing you don’t let your mind get in the way too much, you’ll get the message you need.

Try it anyway. It’s fun.

May you be imbued with absolute intuition now.

Love, Doc

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