On finding solid ground

With everything so evidently in the throes of transition, it’s essential for clarity and overall sanity to find solid ground. However, though the tendency is to seek this in externals: other people, traditions, familiar places or activities etc, the only reliable source of stability lies at the core of your own being.

The background presence informing this entire moving picture show and informing you is the only constant in existence.

It remains unchanging while absolutely everything else (everything manifest) is in motion, hence changing.

The way is to let go of muscular stress, stop holding the breath, sink back into yourself, stop grasping at excitement or anxiety, stop grasping at externals altogether and allow yourself to feel the inner silence, stillness and power just for a moment. But do it often. Gradually, after you’ve dropped in a few times, you start naturally defaulting to that and once that happens, you stop getting dizzied by the changes and are far more able to maintain perspective.

Solid ground for you.

Love, D


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  • Hello Barefoot
    Im finding your posts, particularly recently, really helpful reminders, pointers and relevant to what is happening individually for me and in the world. What you said about the 1980’s perspective -( ‘no limits, everything is possible…’ in your ”data gems’ post on 9th September) was helpful and this last one again, about finding solid ground.
    Also you’ve mentioned recently about ‘waves’ coming and passing through us, our only choice is to be here and ground it (and laugh if possible! )
    good stuff and a relief to read amidst all the other information flying around

    • Hey Shanti Shanti how kind of you to say so thankyou and if there’s anything in particular I could assist with email me, with Love, Stephen

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