Feeling Of Wellbeing From Being Nurtured And Fulfilled

Looking for the wellbeing that comes with feeling nurtured and fulfilled, you tend to seek it everywhere, expecting to find it somewhere out there and for sure there are passing moments when external conditions create the effect of you having just had a good meal of life in whatever form and wanting for nothing but these experiences are transitory because all forms change over time, hence external reality cannot consistently provide the nurturing and fulfilment you require. The only thing that can possibly give you the feeling of wellbeing from being nurtured and fulfilled is you making a clear conscious choice to feel that way in each and every moment regardless of external circumstances or conditions.

While it takes time to practice making this choice effectively enough that it sticks, the process can be initiated to great effect immediately, simply by repeating the following affirmation 81 times, in other words, so much, it lodges in your unconscious where the true choices are made – and as you say it, at some point you’ll actually be able to see the vision of it in your mind and that’s what does the trick:

I am nurtured and fulfilled in wonderful, unexpected ways.

Then all you have to do is carry on as you were aspiring to being excellent in all you think, say and do and you will indeed find yourself nurtured and fulfilled in wonderful ways.

May it be so.

Love, Doc

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