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5 elements organs and emotionsReset your vital organs

A wonderfully edifying ride to see exactly how your vital organs control your various states of mind and how you can adjust that mid-flight just like a plane adjusting its wingtips to maintain an even keel all the time. [Audio + notes]

Reset your vital organs here $12


cynicalReset cynicism

While cynicism in measured doses has its place in informing and lending a slight edge to your repertoire, (indeed without it most of us would be insufferable wide-eyed, gung ho bores), it is, like cocaine, a dangerous drug.[Audio + notes]

Reset your cynicism here – $7


lonelinessReset Loneliness

Need a good fat hug? If you can’t find someone trustworthy and warm and give them a hug, I’ll show you how to do it yourself to activate the chi in your chest so you’re truly energetically protected and don’t feel the pain of isolation [Video + notes]

Reset your loneliness here – $7


low_energy_reset_imageReset Low Energy

Everything in this universe is energy (chi), either active or apparently latent. Unblock the pathways of chi within your body and liberation in its widest possible sense will occur.

Get your energy flowing again – the Taoist way. [Video + notes]

Reset your Low Energy here – $7


not-good-enoughReset Not Feeling Good Enough

Believing you’re not good enough seriously depletes your range of experience.  Fortunately there’s much you can do in a relatively short time to completely transform this aspect of your relationship with you and leave you knowing you’re good enough.  [Video + ’I am what I am, I am that I am’ Meditation Pod]

Reset Not Feeling Good Enough here – $12


boulder_in_creviceReset Inertia

Unable to motivate yourself to do even the smallest thing? It all starts in your mind – your thoughts lose their fluidity and become rough and spiky, square and obtuse and get stuck in crevices in the recesses of your mind. Where your thought goes, your energy follows and soon your energy flow backs up and you come to a standstill.

Reset your inertia here – $7


Reset indecisiveness

The state of indecision only arises when, not accessing the courage to wait for the force of events to have built up sufficiently to work with, you engage in a futile, energy-wasting attempt to outguess it. Find out how to liberate yourself from indecision with this Fast Personal Reset.  [Video + notes]

Reset your indecisiveness here – $7


practical-positivity-people-squarePractical Positivity Process

A practical process to get you accessing and deploying positivity all the time – not just intermittently and not the bullshit variety but genuine practical positivity – unshakable optimism in the face of hardship, tribulation, flux and mayhem to help and support you to prevail against any odds.

Practical Positivity Process $12


6-daysDeep Confidence – Six Day Shift

Eany-weany micro-mini-but-rather substantial-anyway-series of three videos and three meditation pods to subtly yet radically shift your inner view and profoundly reset your relationship with the world around you.

Deep Confidence Six Day Shift $17