Fancying a go

Junk mail coming in, bypassing the junk-filter – sometimes the subject headings catch my eye – just now, the first two before I deleted them all: Pelvises, Yogis – and while pelvises are crucial to the practice of yoga, it’s true, the sheer randomness of these subject headings designed to get me interested enough to open the email, when everyone knows all they contain are suggested methods for penis enlargement of one form or another, is merely one more sign and symptom of a world gone utterly mad.

Driving this madness is desperation, hence the levels of spite, envy, greed, depression, stress, consumerism, competitiveness, violence and brutality rising so visibly all round the world.

No antidote to this will be found in the outside world. No form of acting out will resolve this sickness of the collective psyche.

The only antidote lies within each of us.

Healing it inside will cause it to heal outside of itself.

That’s how the metaphysical template works.

In your belly below your navel, say the Taoist metaphysicians, is a psychic chamber, wherein cosmic power, or chi is accessible by training yourself to mentally focus there.

In your chest, behind your breastbone, where your heart beats, is a linked chamber wherein universal love is accessible by training yourself to simultaneously mentally focus there.

And in your skull, precisely where your pineal gland sits, just behind the top of the upper brainstem in the centre of the skull, is another linked chamber, wherein infinite consciousness is accessible by simultaneously training yourself to simultaneously mentally focus there too.

To harness your mental focus, concentrate on your breathing. Let your belly swell with the inhalation and flatten with the exhalation. Let the breath come in and out slowly, smoothly, silently, silken and evenly, the in- and out-breaths of equal duration.

As the breath comes in and out, observe it from the uppermost chamber in the centre of the skull and feel the expanding and contracting of the belly, fan your awareness of the life-force in your lower abdomen and the warmth in your chest. With each successive breath cycle, feel yourself more and more filled with life-force and more and more radiant with human warmth.

Simply doing this for as long as it took to read and think about that, sets up a pillar of sanity in the midst of the collective psyche, reduces general stress levels and injects fresh love into the mix to heal wounds and induce joyfulness, not to mention making you personally feel calmer and more whole into the bargain.

And it only takes one person to really get it and give it with all their might and concentration for the entire world to be transformed.

It could be you.

It could be me.

It could be anyone reading this.

Imagine if 144,000 of us (approximately the number of people who’ll be reading this today), really got it and gave it with all our might and concentration – that could trigger a veritable quantum leap for the good.

Fancy a go?

And if you fancy me & Comedian Danny Buckler in wee standup/sitdown on meaning/non-meaning of life in London on Wednesday – there’s a few more details here and how to book – excuse the mixed up text on the page which is outside our control.

Meantime, have a day and night of deep positive transformation.

Love, Doc

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  • Sara Avelar
    5 years ago

    Thank you Stepehn, for this wonderful breathing experience, sending you blessings.

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