Face aching from smiling so much

If you pay attention lightly to the conversation going on with yourself in the front of your brain there, you’ll probably notice the majority of it is taken up by, ‘I want this, I want that, I want this, I want that, I want, I want, I want,’ and most of the rest in discussion about the viability of getting it and either motivating yourself to get it or beating yourself up for not getting it.

And if you look slightly deeper, somewhere in the region of your chest and upper abdomen, you’ll also probably notice this wanting arises from wanting to assuage a more or less gnawing hunger pain – not for food as such but for love, warmth, comfort, peace and safety, which your mind is accustomed to believing it will achieve by your acquiring the various objects of your desire.

Hence you are hooked on seeking solace in externals, which inevitably let you down as all forms change over time, nothing lasts, hence everything external is ultimately destined to disappoint, thus perpetuating the habit of wanting, which in turn perpetuates the hunger pain.

Short-circuit this pattern and instantly attain to the state of love, warmth, comfort, peace and safety your soul craves by focusing in on the hunger pain instead of on externals. As you focus, breathe slowly and relax as deeply as possible throughout your chest and upper abdomen until the pain subsides, which it surely will within moments and all at once you’ll notice you are in the desired state.

Holding onto it requires dedication, discipline, patience, mindfulness and willingness to tune into yourself with regularity as above.

Methods for achieving instantaneous relaxation and release from pain are explained in today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop, for which you’ll need to be or become a member and it’s worth it.

May you feel so loved, warmed, comforted, peaceful and safe today and tonight, all you actually want is to stop your face aching from smiling so much.

Love, Doc

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