Existential Turmoil

Everyone on this planet is walking around in a state of existential turmoil. Most don’t admit to it, even (and especially) to themselves, of course as that might be misinterpreted as a sign of weakness: everyone, or most of us, are doing a great job of acting as we all have it totally sorted and together.

In fact having it all totally sorted and together is ever only a momentary phenomenon. This must be so as we inhabit and operate by the rules of a universe comprised entirely of moving parts, hence everything and every part of everything, from the deepest level to the most superficial, is always in motion and flux, meaning moments of equilibrium are necessarily rare and certainly never the constant. So be assured everyone is in existential turmoil.

So when your well-built defences break down for whatever combination of reasons and you’re left staring your turmoil in the face, don’t for a second feel like a freak of nature, a loser or in any way substandard. Existential turmoil is intrinsic to the human condition, to the universal condition in fact.

And don’t waste a second trying to resolve it. Even resolution is merely momentary. And things resolve themselves in the fullness of time anyway.

Instead, look to accommodating the inevitable inner swirl comfortably, by breathing slowly, relaxing the muscles, adjusting the posture for maximum height and breadth, drawing the mind back into the midbrain, softening the heart centre and surrendering to being where and how you are now, you develop congruence with what is.

Congruent with what is, the flow lifts you up and carries you to fresher, greener pastures in which managing the inner turmoil will be even easier.

I wish you smooth transit.

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Love, D

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