Everything Has to Come, Everything Has To Pass, Even Mondays

When good times come, do not cling to them, do not fool yourself into believing they will remain forever and be aware that the more you do cling and fool yourself, the more it’s going to hurt when they pass. Similarly, when bad times come, do not be deluded into thinking they’ll remain forever. They too have to pass.

Over time develop the wisdom that derives from transcending preferences for the good or the bad. Instead develop a preference to identify with the unchanging Tao informing the passing of one phase into another, as that is the only constant in existence. The more you are identified with the underlying source of all existence, including both the good and the bad, the less either extreme of the swing affects you at a radical level, thus enabling to maintain a fairly constant state of perpetual inner peace.

My wish: that you experience absolute equilibrium in the midst of activity to the extent nothing today can disturb you.

The D

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