Everything Has to Come, Everything Has To Pass, Even Mondays – Part II

To achieve the inner stability necessary to maintain perpetual inner peace while undergoing the cyclic transition from good times to bad and vice versa, through progressive identification with the unchanging generative source of life informing all cycles, meditate every day. It doesn’t have to be for very long. Just a few minutes will do the job, provided you do it every day, pretty much without fail, from now on till you die. And it’s easy, as you don’t actually have to do anything.

Meditation is about doing absolutely nothing. Meditation is about stopping all the doing you’re doing. You stop agitating your body. You stop agitating your mind. You simply let go of the entire story of being you for a few moments and simply sit here being – with no you in the picture.

Humble, practical suggestion: Total Taoist Recalibration Meditation Training –  if you want to be talked fully through the process as if I was in the room with you – and PURE (the book) is fairly unbeatable for comprehensively taking it deeper, at least as far as Taoist style meditation is concerned. The Taoist style is one of the oldest, most advanced, evolved and potent there is but there are countless others, each of which offers a different flavour and entry point, but ultimately all lead to the same place: stillness. Reaching stillness at the core of you, you meet the Tao, the only constant there is. Meet the Tao like this every day from now on, just for a few minutes and gradually you feel more and more nurtured by that and so less and less adversely affected by the coming and the going.

My loving wish, dear Member: simply that you have such a profoundly merry Monday in all ways, you just can’t stop saying merry Monday the whole day and night long.

The D

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