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The Nuts of Taoist Magic Satsang Sequence, Super-Skills Activation, Phase Two – Sunday 1 June – Sunday 6 July, online

Satsang in sanskritIn this next-level new phase-two MAGIC SATSANG sequence we’ll be getting to the very nuts of Taoist magic again but in an even deeper, even more rationalized way than before – a continuing step-by-step building-up of your relationship with Tao whence springs (aside from absolutely everything) your power to shift yourself and the warp and weft of perceived reality.

Session 7 – Stop being afraid of death: stop being afraid of life
We’ll activate the power to stop being afraid: afraid of death, afraid of life, and everything in between. With fear mastered you then take the requisite risks that transform your life into the biggest, most wonderful story it can be.
1800 BST Sunday 1 June

Session 8 – Attain and maintain perspective
We’ll activate the ability to stop blowing things out of proportion, and start taking everything in your stride no matter how huge or difficult, so you’re able to receive everything that comes your way, both the hard and the easy, as an expression of the Tao’s unwavering love for you. Once you do the Tao shows its love in ever more gentle and harmonious ways for you.
1800 BST Sunday 8 June

Session 9 – True Grace
We’ll activate your capacity to intend things to be as you wish, then open yourself to receive them – to receive rather than achieve. This will give you the grace to receive life’s blessings.
1800 BST Sunday 15 June

Session 10 – Dance tidy
We’ll activate a reality in which life becomes a beautiful, sensuous dance partner, so the more you relax, let go and enjoy the dance, the more wonderful the dance becomes.
1800 BST Sunday 22 June

Session 11 – Bypass egocentricity – be of service
We’ll activate the capacity to attain to life’s blessings by devoting yourself to serving the world instead of devoting yourself to getting the world to serve you, so life (the Tao) serves you in return (through others).
1800 BST Sunday 29 June

Session 12 – Transformative power of kindness
We’ll be activating the quality of kindness both in you/us and in your/our world, and engendering connectivity with all members of the human family, so the Tao, in its mirroring function, rewards you/us by causing the human family to treat you far better
1800 BST Sunday 6 July

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Transformative Coaching Intensive + Conscious Clubbing, Quest Festival, Saturday 26 July, Devon, UK

Free talk 12-12.45pm, workshop 2.15-5.15pm – £30, includes FREE entry to ‘Conscious Clubbing’ Saturday 7-8pm!

Using the ancient yet universally pertinent Taoist psycho-energetics system for sorting absolutely everything we’ll be determining the precise nature of your blocks, getting you over them and into full potential-flow and showing you a surefire way of maintaining swift progress.

Full details here


184x240The Mechanics of Transcendental Consciousness in Everyday Life – Thursday 25 September 2014, London, UK

This Evening Barefoot Doctor will be showing you exactly how, and using a rare set of qigong practices and gentle paired-off psychodrama games, he will be demonstrating precisely how to deploy this life-changing technique in your everyday world and so optimize every aspect of your performance in this grand show we call Life.

Go here for all the details


Barefoot in Italy – October 2014 

barefoot_urbino_thumb2-220x170At the luxurious Estate and Spa, Urbino – come for a week of opening, healing and loving – you’ll experience being deeply relaxed, discover beautiful things about yourself that you thought you’d forgotten and go away with tools that allow you to be centred and calm no matter what’s going on in your life.

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  • The Electronic Therapy was great, ive never seen or heard the two together, but the music was fabulous, great job, thank you guys. Recommended.

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