Enter stage left

Like being on a boat in a choppy sea, currents swirling beneath pushing us first this way then that, the aspect of us that seeks stability yearning for some calm, nonetheless this very choppiness is no doubt what’s required to remove the next layer of covering from the new emerging paradigm, which is evidently urging itself progressively more powerfully into being right now. These dizzying currents of change we’re witnessing in the world are precisely what will push us all the way to shore. So rather than resist we’ll do much better trusting the Tao and loving the dizziness.

So there I was in the House of Commons Monday, along with my friend Danny Rampling and a whole host of the Ibiza crew giving a speech about electronic dance music and its importance to the youth of the land in honor of the new charity I’m patron of, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – find out more at http://lastnightadjsavedmylife.org – it’s not often someone gives a speech there not wearing shoes – a tiny example of the emerging paradigm, or at least the barefoot aspect of it, seeping through to the very heart of the machine, from the floor upwards.

Got back from Italy Sunday night after a most glorious week running a F**kit retreat, Barefoot style, for 20 of the loveliest people you could possibly imagine, in one of the most gorgeous spots I’ve ever had the pleasure to disport myself, in which I gently led us all into the utmost depths of Taoist inner alchemy, the art of becoming congruent with the benign of flow of existence (the Tao) and so be able to guide in or be guided in to all the health, wealth, joy and goodness you can take – yes even and especially in the throes of these huge transitional cross-currents. And I’m doing another one on September 23rd, which I’d strongly advise if you’ve a yen to optimize this adventure you’re on 1008 times more – book here.

I don’t know if it was the magic of running that, or spending time with John Parkin (John and Gaia are founders of F**kit), one of my most beloved people, with whom I had the wonderful joy of hanging out during many of the gaps between sessions, or a combination of the two, but the after-effect on behind the scenes progress with the Big OM, the world’s biggest ever (so far) sound healing with electronic dance music at Wembley Arena on 12.12.12 has been exponential since, for which tickets will soon be going on sale so stand by for news of that – to get on the priority list, go to www.thebigom.org.

The underlying point of all this being that we’re all in this boat together and the way we each conduct ourselves, the degree of congruence we can each develop with the Great Flow at this time, and the more we can each contribute to the color, warmth and harmony of humanity, the more spectacularly the new emerging paradigm will enter stage left. May it enter with utmost elegance in your life today/tonight (time zone depending).

With love, Steph BD

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  • Silverymoon
    6 years ago

    Hello All,

    You all seem to be riding high at the moment at Barefoot Global. I am in awe of your dazzling brilliance. I have been learning from a few other great minds and souls recently.

    Rock On to you Doc in the House of Commons.

    Love and Respect emanating from West Wales.

    6 years ago

    As the week tipped me out of ‘my’ little boat (urgh!) I climbed back into a much larger boat and realised I hadn’t gotten as ‘wet’ as I would have expected to. All is well 🙂

  • Is the answer to “lighten up” and not take life to be as serious?
    Maybe one can find their wings and lose their head in the process.

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