The myth has it that the philosophy and practice of Taoism originated with a troupe of characters called the Sons and Daughters Of Reflective Light, who were said to have come from the high places (outer space, specifically from the Pleiades with a fuelling and provisions stop somewhere around Sirius B) about 20,000 years or more ago, and who were said to have been 7 feet tall and have worn unusual clothing. They brought with them a universal system of wisdom and life-management skills, which included a complete knowledge of the Tao and how it manifests reality via energy, precisely how energy flows in your body as well as throughout existence and how to use this energy for the highest good in all respects. including the attainment of health, longevity, peace of mind, fulfilment and joyfulness and how to use it specifically to manifest something out of nothing (magic).

One day, for no apparent reason, they vanished without trace. No one knew where they went to – presumably back home but maybe onto the next planet with signs of intelligent life.

Fortunately before setting off, they’d been generous enough to leave all their knowledge with the locals, who in China at least, became known as Taoists.

However the myth also says that by 12,000 years ago, the knowledge was already being lost. Then nearly 3000 years ago, Lao Tsu, keeper of the official archives in Hunan Province had the prescience to collate the fundaments of Taoist philosophy in 81 succinct, cryptic verses, known as the Tao Te Ching, meaning roughly, the book of the virtuous way.

His friend Chang Tsu, then went on to explain it all more fully and accessibly in a collection of parables.

Both texts are riddled with clues to the secret Taoist methods of achieving health, longevity, enlightenment and abundance.

In the 1600s, Taoism, a philosophy and system espousing spontaneity, ironically developed an offshoot whose members developed a quasi-religious structure around the principles and practice, a benign aberration that continues to this day.

Then in 1949 China had its cultural revolution and the practice of all forms of Taoism went underground, much of it escaping to the West, which as my teacher once most generously conceded, was the Tao’s way of bringing this system to meet the intelligence of the Western mind, that a new phase of growth in understanding and appreciation in Taoist practice might be activated in the resulting synergy.

And here I am talking to you.

I’ll tell you about my own path with Taoism and how it’s enabled me to live a rip-roaring adventure all the while in the Members’ Wisdom Drop.

Meantime, I wish you the Tao to lift you up and carry you in its current today and tonight and right through the weekend and that the ride yields you a thousand blessings presently beyond your wildest imagination.

Love, D


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