Eliciting A Run Of Delightful Surprises Today

There’s a spirit to life, a metaconsciousness informing and binding all the apparently disparate aspects of existence into an endlessly integrated continuum. You can call this spirit whatever you like and try to define it as much as you like, yet it remains essentially mysterious and unfathomable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t converse freely with it. Indeed, freely conversing with the innate spirit of life is precisely what constitutes the notion of being spiritual or living a spiritual life. There are no rules to this game, other than the ones you make up, or ones that others have made up along the way, which you may have bought into for whatever reason, but there are certain effects that have been noted by sages over the ages with enough consistency to be fairly reliable, one of the most significant being, that what you ask for with the sincerity of your heart, providing it doesn’t entail causing others to act against their will, will be granted. The cleanest way to experiment with this, is to relax, empty your mind of local thoughts for a second and say to the spirit of life (Big You), ‘surprise me in a wonderful way today’. Say it a few times till you really feel yourself meaning it – until you feel yourself fully open-minded about what that surprise could constitute – until you feel yourself excited by the idea of a wonderful surprise, no matter what it constitutes – and then let go – forget about it and carry on with your day. That’s all I can say – the rest is a surprise.

May you be so surprised and delighted by life today, you can but jump for joy.

Love, D

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