Sublime Joy – a soaring sonic flight of the senses – think Rachmaninoff meets Hans Zimmer or even Barefoot Doctor meets Master Joe Peet

hoody closed eyesWhich is how it was and what transpired was this…a glorious dimension of a unique original blend of properly classically trained, accomplished and hugely talented tonal and compositional sensibilities (Joe) mixed with deep, earthy hypnotic raga-influenced foundations [Barefoot] – comprising not only a plethora of frequencies designed to bring you home inside and unite you in a single accord, and somewhere in a frequency near them/you, a bed of Barefoot style subliminal positive suggestion multiple-panning in a rebalancing dance of left and right, yin and yang, and not only a grippingly mesmerizing guided Barefoot meditation topline of great concision, but one of the most moving Peet-style compositions and accompanying keyboard/piano-ism this side of the universe. The effect of which is not only powerful, radical and enormous in terms of bringing you to a state of personal unity and unity with the great all-ness of everything and nothing (Tao) with just three listens in any 24 hour period and more if you like it but also extraordinarily lovely on a musical level if you like your sound soulful and sophisticated. Electrojazz Integration Meditation – extremely stirring and strengthening and a must-have for any serious seeker of that which they already have but have been a bit too noisy-headed to notice – the magnificent miracle of existence.

So don’t delay, give it a play.




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