Easter Weekend Special: Serve You Well

Everything you see, everything you perceive about the world around you, from the smallest detail to the hugest, farthest planet in space, is going on inside you. It’s going on outside too (as far as we know) but the experience of it, which for you is all that’s real, is going on inside. All nuances of sight and sound, smell and feel, are all being processed within. And the thoughts you’re having about it all as it gets processed, which instantly give rise to the emotions you’re feeling are all occurring within you. Furthermore, as any physicist aware of the observer effect will tell you, the way you’re feeling as a result of what you’re thinking as a result of what you’re processing, directly influences the way the external stimuli show up. Hence how you create your own reality by creating your own experience of reality, which as far as you’re concerned are the same thing.

You have the power to remain in full command of all of it, to regulate the way you’re processing the incoming information, the way you’re responding to that information in thought and then emotion, the way that emotion is causing your body to react in posture and tension-relaxation levels and hence, the signals to treat you this way or that, you’re unconsciously emitting as a result through voice, body-language and energy tone, which are unconsciously picked up by others and obeyed.

Put another way, if you can gather yourself in the centre of your brain, a region the ancient Taoists called your cave of original spirit, while simultaneously elongating your spine (by pushing your neck back a bit), sinking your weight, relaxing all your muscles and breathing deeply and slowly in your belly, rather than your chest, allowing your belly to swell on inhalation and flatten on exhalation and your chest to soften so your love can flow, you can remain in command of what you make of what you perceive, can choose your response at source and choose the signals you’re emitting.

Put another way, smile and the whole world smiles with you.

But the smile has to be real. It has to originate from the depths of your belly, surge through your chest and fly all the way high into the upper corners of your ears, lighting your eyes for miles around.

And you don’t even need any external pleasure stimulus to bring it on.

You can generate the smile by choice, simply by commanding it.

If you need a reason, simply let yourself be happy to be alive to witness all this at this precise moment. This is the universe’s gift to you.

Picture a smile now, growing from your pelvic floor and gradually reaching upwards through your body into your skull, pushing up to the tops of your ears and causing your face and eyes to follow and then let it happen physically.

The way you process incoming information, the tone you wish to give it all is determined by what outcome you intend for any given span of time.

So for instance, if, from the depths of this inner smile, you choose the outcome of the following passage of time between now and Tuesday, when Easter will have been and gone, to be one of you feeling at peace, satisfied with life, loving, strong, confident, courageous, capable of anything and altogether beautiful and magnificent, come what may, that’ll be the outcome you’ll manifest and all the thoughts and feelings, as well as the details required to make that be so externally, will fall into place of themselves without your needing to meddle.

Unless you were raised by a family of Taoists, transcendental meditators, enlightened quantum physicists or what-have-you, this model will be alien to you.

But that’s why it’s so exciting – it’s exotic.

Moments of allowing this model to operate open a window into a different dimension.

The Taoists call it wu wei, the dimension of effortless action, of attaining results without straining. You have an intention and then let go in a loving way, following the prompts from within to do this or do that and enjoy the ride in full confidence that the Tao will manifest the desired outcome for you and providing you’re clear about the intention and not just kidding yourself you’re clear about it and providing you truly let go into the ensuing mystery with a trusting, loving heart, that’ll be the outcome you receive.

When you appear to receive a totally contrary outcome to what you thought you intended, it merely indicates you were kidding yourself because you always only get the outcome you intend.

And you’re free to choose a different one at every turn.

Ask yourself what you’re intending now.

There’s a discreet bit of personal crucifixion-resurrection process in there.

May it serve you well.

Love, Doc

3 Responses to “Easter Weekend Special: Serve You Well

  • Teresa-Iche
    5 years ago

    Beautiful truth imparted on these pages Stephen – thank you thank you for the reminders. Three times in the past 24 hours i’ve founed myself speaking of how we give off ‘signals’ to others ( and of course behind and within ‘others’ – is the Tao/Universe/God)and how they will respond or react accordingly……magic! x

  • Windsor
    5 years ago

    Thanks for this beautiful gift dear Doc – may the love you share be multiplied a million fold or something better.

  • Maureen
    5 years ago

    Really all comes down to personal responsibility, doesn’t it? Sometimes when things go awry, so to speak, it’s easier to blame outside circumstances. But what a gift it is to truly embrace this ‘power’ and put it to good use… and then watch the beautiful mystery unfold.

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