Don’t defer your happiness

There’s always that tendency to defer your happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction till you’ve achieved whatever it is you wish to achieve or manifested whatever circumstances or conditions you wish to manifest, as if by deferring you’ll add power to the process. In fact the reverse is true.

The more you allow yourself to feel the happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction now, the happier it makes the Tao Of You feel – it feels appreciated by you because you’re appreciating what it/you have already made come to pass. Your happiness is like applause.

Knowing its work is pleasing you it is encouraged to perform even better for you and in that improved performance, your goals will be achieved far more swiftly. As well as which when you allow yourself to feel the innate happiness of being alive, your immune system works better, your chi flows more powerfully and you therefore make better choices from moment to moment, the sum total of which produce the future for you.

Nothing is achieved through making yourself suffer by deferring your joi de vivre.

However if you find joy hard to access, that’ll be on account of feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity is insidious. The antidote is to repeat the simple word, ‘thankyou’ at every turn as you work, rest and play today and tonight.

Thankyou for me being here. Thankyou for me experiencing this. Thankyou for this person in my life. Thankyou for that problem/challenge that helps me feel the edge and keeps me alert and awake. Thankyou for these conditions which show me how I’d like to improve or progress things from here. Thankyou for this consciousness with which to appreciate it all and so on.

This is like pouring strong bathroom cleaner on a scuzzy sink. It takes a bit of elbow power to scrub the scuz (self-pity) away however, so you have to keep repeating it for a while and then, all of a sardine, you notice you’re actually feeling happy from within regardless of what’s going on or isn’t going on without.

At that point you’ve stepped out of the way and the Tao has all the space it needs to perform its miracles for you.

May your day and night be replete with the joy of simply being alive.

Love, Doc

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