Dive into an aquamarine bay

The joy you feel when you step out into a beautiful morning, the thrill you feel when you dive into an aquamarine bay, the excitement you feel when the band begins to play, the love you feel when you hold a newborn baby in your arms, the relief you feel when the cheque arrives in the mail, the satisfaction you feel when you’ve completed the task, the comfort you feel when you’re surrounded by people you love and who love you, the contentment you feel when you’ve put your world the right way up, the clarity you feel when you finally know you are not your body, not your mind and not your personality but something far larger and unbounded, something universal, are all examples of triggers that engender an affirmative feeling tone, from which arises health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

Unchecked, the tendency is to focus on the stress and strain of daily life. This elicits a life-negating feeling tone, whence arises unease. Unease leads the way to disease.

If every hour or so you were to momentarily step out of the everyday, by sinking back into the centre of your brain, feeling the depths of your chest, aware of being anchored deep in your lower belly, and from that centred place within, remind yourself of typical moments as above, that bring you joy, thrills, excitement, love, relief, satisfaction, comfort, contentment and clarity, you would initiate a potent process of increasing well-being and health of mind, body and spirit.

For though handling your moods seems a complex matter, it really is quite simple – it’s all a matter of being willing to employ discipline with yourself. A moment of focus on thoughts that make you happy and of allowing yourself to appreciate the sensations these thoughts stimulate deep within can set your mood straight for an hour or more. The more regularly you tune in, the more steady your mood will be. It’s your birthright to take advantage of this, no matter how pressing the demands of the external world.

What you focus on grows.

Focus on the positive images in your mind conjures up warm feelings and wellbeing grows. When the force of being well grows steady within, you become a magnet for good fortune in all forms.

May you magnetise an abundance of it today.

Love, Doc

8 Responses to “Dive into an aquamarine bay

  • Agent G*
    5 years ago

    *Exactly where I am right now ~ you’ve dropped the expansive angel right on the universal pinhead <3

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      Thanks for saying Agent-G and I guess better than dropping the expansive universal pin on the angel’s head, at least as far as the angel’s concerned – imagine living with that on your conscience 🙂

    5 years ago

    Superb Steph…… These last few days I have kept reminding myself – thinking/being this way – is like a muscle and it cries out to be used. Thank you for affirming this today 🙂 x

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      thanks dear Teresa and yes just like a muscle, thanks for pointing it out, needing exercise and then giving you an endorphin rush

  • Fantastic I am very grateful for your emails Thank you .

  • Barefoot
    5 years ago

    Couldn’t have said it better myself – glad it resonated for you all 🙂

  • All these things you mention, feed my spirit which in turn, gives me real joy and happiness. Thank you for this delightful message.

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    5 years ago

    Dear Stephen
    Thankyou for your reminder of the above.
    mu gratitude and blessings to you – you beautiful man
    with love

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