Meditation Audio Pill (M.A.P.)- ‘By Dint Of The Tao’

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Fuel for renewal, renewal of your strength at all levels, renewal of your spirits, renewal of your enthusiasm for life and humanity, renewal of your heart for the reception and transmission of ever greater amounts of love and pleasure at all levels – for your festive delectation and delight, healing and freewheeling.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: best taken through headphones or earpieces, a minimum dose of one daily, taken at any time – can be taken while occupied with other activities – optimal time to take: lying in bed on your way to sleep.

Continue minimum daily dose every day up to and including New Year’s Eve for best, most long-lasting post-festive results to fuel your renewal right through 2018.

WARNING: can be hypnotic – do not listen while driving, cycling, operating heavy machinery, negotiating difficult situations, or swimming underwater – not to be played more than 30 times consecutively – if in doubt consult your physician or psychiatrist.

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