Deeper And Deeper

Your mind is all-powerful and will create any version of reality you give it the command to. The interesting thing is how these commands are often mostly unconsciously given and you find yourself, as a result, bemused by the reality you’re perceiving, as if the way it’s showing up has had nothing to do with you at all, when in fact, it was you and only you who chose it to feel as it does to you.

To access the level of mind that makes the actual choices regarding mode of experience and hence the way reality actually morphs to reflect that, requires descending into what shamans might call the underworld and Freud the subconscious.

There are many ways to effect such a descent but one that invariably hits the spot is to visualise yourself standing at the top of a flight of stairs.

These stairs are magical in that with each descending step, they have the power to draw you deeper and deeper into the subconscious realm, causing in turn a progressively deeper state of physical and mental relaxation the further down you go, so that as your foot goes down one step, you already start feeling less engaged with the external world and more relaxed in your skin and so on, until when you see yourself step down off the lowest step, you are feeling so disengaged from the external world and so utterly relaxed, you can hardly recall what all the fuss was about up there on the surface of things.

Naturally the steps and whole notion of going vertically deeper and deeper are merely metaphors for transiting from one dimension of consciousness into the next – and even that’s a metaphor for a psycho-spatial manoeuvre beyond the power of the rational mind to grasp.

Instead you simply have to relax, close your eyes and visualise yourself slowly descending the staircase, feeling progressively more relaxed and detached from the world of the ten thousand things, the further down the stairs you go, until, on reaching the bottom, you feel so relaxed and detached you are able freely to issue a new set of commands.

Make these clear and simple.

For instance, ‘I command that you manifest an experience of supreme wholeness and stability giving rise to an all-embracing sensation of security on every level, giving rise to an unprecedented flowering of my person in all respects,’ which should do the trick nicely to produce a startling array of actual results in real time over the hours, days, weeks and months that follow.

May this serve you well and the results be so profoundly satisfying you can hardly believe your senses.

Love, Doc

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