Deep Peace Trigger

When you look back from here over your life, all the way back to your birth and then start moving slowly forwards back to the present moment again, you’ll notice an astonishing thing: all along the way you were presented with what often seemed like totally unmovable obstacles, crises that threatened to finish you completely, about which at the time you were sorely afraid. And some of them were indeed huge. But if you keep on coming slowly back (or forwards, rather) until you arrive back here with me, you’ll notice that astonishing thing I was mentioning: you’re still here and more or less in one piece. None of those obstacles blocked you, none of those crises finished you off. None of the choices you made were wrong (had they been, you’d not be here now). You made it.

This signifies both that you’re brilliant and that life is essentially benign for/to you, or at least has been. And if it has been, why waste energy doubting it’ll continue being so? Of course you’re going to die – we all are. But why assume even this won’t occur in a benign way or at least with a benign outcome? Why assume the whole process of life and death is anything other than benign?

Have a look at where you’re storing that unneeded suspicion in your body – probably around your upper abdomen somewhere, take a hugely deep breath and as you exhale, let go of the very essence of that suspicion – be gone with it. And keep doing that till it starts becoming the default position to naturally relate to the whole life-death process as totally benign. This will radically alter the energetic relationship between you and ontological reality for the better and cause you far greater degrees of deep peace within.

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I wish you deep peace within.

Love, D


One Response to “Deep Peace Trigger

  • Sara E. Avelar
    3 months ago

    thank you for the reminder Barefoot Dr. going back to birth and coming to present.
    much needed love

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