Deep Confidence – webinar replay

Right-click here to download the Deep Confidence webinar replay

In this webinar Barefoot Doctor answers your questions about confidence and discusses why lack of esteem, self-worth and self-entitlement are so ubiquitous.

INCLUDES MINI-PROCESS TO HELP YOU reintegrate split aspects of self, plus information about the new Deep Confidence three week in-depth online training



2 Responses to “Deep Confidence – webinar replay

  • Ooooo….there’s some magic in the mini guided process here. Ran it a few times already and can feel the energy shift. Might be good to make a paid audio available on your website of just this process, given it seems too good for people to miss.
    Just a comment for anyone who didnt initially find their inner kid respond so easeful. I’ve found my own personal experience and with working before with kids who’ve had a lot of trauma and little nurture that they dont instantly respond to an empathic adult. They may be mute, untrusting, angry, not want or be able to receive touch. Especially if they have grown up with mixed messages and lies. Our own inner kids are no different if they’ve had these experiences…and then likely we have gone on to mistreat, abuse and abandon them too, having been taught no different. So i’m just suggesting that we allow our inner kids to show up however. And be with them however they are. They may not believe us at first. They may take a while to be touched or held. Likely they will be angry, once they feel safe enough. It skills blows me away remembering children who’d experienced things that i reckon warranted never trusting any adults ever again dared at some point to reach out and offer a moment of trust to me. Guess its no different with our inner kids. To honour them with any trust they risk offering us.

  • alison richards
    3 years ago

    It all resonates for me. Thank you

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