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There are many things could be said to be the key to living life to the hilt – love, gratitude, perspective, relaxation, vision, belief, hope and so on – but my focus of enquiry lately both in respect of my own personal process and in helping my brothers and sisters of the human family, you for instance, is confidence.

Confidence is much misunderstood and mostly assumed to mean front and that ability to walk into a room and dominate any conversation. The confidence I refer to however is a much quieter quality – more subtle, more discreet, not egocentric and in fact to the contrary, quite altruistic in the sense of focusing on being of service to our fellows rather than merely serving our own urges for superficial gratification.

Confidence means literally holding trust with, as in stalwartly holding the trust with life through thick and thin, and with your own capacity to funnel and process life optimally for the duration.

With confidence informing you you’re able to do the Taoist dance of flowing like water – never piling up or stagnating, always flowing towards your intended outcome no matter what obstacle rears its head in your path – and you’re able to enjoy the ride rather than waste it resisting and fighting the flow.

To be confident requires self-esteem, self-worth and self-entitlement. These attributes are commonly in deficit due to us comparing ourselves to others and competing to qualify for humanity, rather than retaining true perspective. With true perspective it’s patently clear you’re a flower of nature, an expression of Tao in human form and if you’re good enough for the Tao to squeeze itself into your shape you qualify. In short if you’re here reading this you qualify.

This subtle yet radical shift of inner view profoundly resets your relationship with the world around you.

I’ve made a mini-training process for you – it’s on the house – a gift to you to give you a taste of the fruits of my inquiry so far – six days to open the doors to this greater realm of self-confidence:

Day One – Video Exercise – The Power of Description
An exercise to help you dismantle faulty perspective

Day Two – You Are Divine – Audio Meditation
Reminds you you’re utterly divine and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about because the divine is benign.

Day Three – Video Exercise – You’re lovely
An exercise to reset the way you talk to yourself in your head all day, because the way you talk to yourself dictates the way you feel about yourself.

Day Four – I Love Me – Audio Meditation
A jaunty, haunty PURE BAREFOOT beat-driven adventure into undoing all your negative beliefs about yourself and instead adopting potent self-empowering beliefs, to leave you feeling loved, loving, loveable and altogether lovely and filled with the essence of goodness.

Day Five – Video Exercise – I Qualify
An exercise to seal your arrival as a fully fledged qualified member of the human family.

Day Six – Faith In The Path – Audio Meditation
A Taoist-based meditation/visualization/affirmation session to boost your faith in your path and your ability to walk it and to benefit more and more from every step you take.

You’ll experience subtle but notable changes at the core level of your being in the process and by the end of it will feel quite different in relation to reality – in a positive way obviously – more secure, more relaxed, more settled, more sense of belonging, more connectedness and more poke to ask for what you want and so on. Get it here

This mini-training process will also be a helpful adjunct to the Confident Communication Satsang series – second session today Sunday 21st June – the Solstice session themed on communicating clearly with yourself and being your own best leader.

Meantime repeat ‘I trust myself’ at least six times even if you don’t mean it and watch how it changes your feeling.

Love, Barefoot
Free Confidence mini-training here

Confident Communication Satsang here

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