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  • Bo/ Serretta
    5 years ago

    So important to me this reconnection…seems I am smiling and crying at the same time. Not sure why..maybe letting go to let in?major changes ocuring in the exterior of my life and I have been unsure of my gut feelings on how to deal…This will help me trust and be it. Great videos..thanks with love and grace XBo

  • Am needing to let go of a situation in my life so have found this very timely – Let it be so. Let it be done. Thank you,BD, for sharing such profound wisdom with such simplicity and clarity. Namaste

  • This is fabulous and put a big smile on my face. My only concern is that I’m not pressing in the right place on the forehead or gallbladder. x

  • I am in the midst of making a life changing decision. This came at just the right time. I have to go with the flow! Thanks BD great timing!!

  • Songkran (Mr Sweaty)
    5 years ago

    and so we chose to heal others x

  • Songkran (Mr Sweaty)
    5 years ago

    We are all one and the same BD aka Bob Dylan x

  • Songkran (Mr Sweaty)
    5 years ago

    So the simple thing is that we heal ourselves, that is why the forum is asking for my comments, I would like feedback, permission to carry on with this healing, angels if you feel you have the heart to support me please do x

  • Songkran (Mr Sweaty)
    5 years ago

    thank you, I see now, but there is going to be a lot to come out x

  • Songkran (Mr Sweaty)
    5 years ago

    Wow, suddenly I see need healing. You think you are invincible but suddenly out of nowhere you see all that is being emitted from your heart are black fossilized charred petals

    I trust you Doc and I’ve got the weekend off to heal x

  • Marie Herbert
    5 years ago

    Ahhh! How wonderful to ‘connect’ with you again B.D. Decisions and Connection and the pull of Destiny towards the soul’s wholeness – what more could one want to ‘remember’. Lovely thoughts and lovely videos. As ever, I enjoy watching and listening to you bridging the metaphysical and energetic with the practical. And doing it on the run so to speak, how cool is that. Always so timely, and so to the point with your offerings Steph. I feel the good shop ‘Earth’ is in good hands with masters such as yourself taking the helm, so that we do not always have to be ‘on watch’ ourselves. Lovely gifts, greatly welcomed, thankyou, Marie

  • Carolyn
    5 years ago

    I found the pressure on my forehead immensely painful to begin with, but the incredible sense of inner peace that I now feel more than makes up for it. I had another job application rejected today. Two weeks ago I would have fretted about what to do next. Now I feel perfectly at peace and happy to wait for life to show me what’s in store next. Thank you so very much! X

  • Steve H
    5 years ago

    I too have a couple of important decisions to make – one asap the other is an ongoing situation with family,
    so have started the exercises -I’ll keep you informed of my progress

    thank you and all the very best to you and your global community.

    Steve H

  • Shelley
    5 years ago

    Very timely, as I have a decision to transition to a career change, or to try to get a job doing something similar, and it’s tricky to decide… do I choose, or take the default and see where things go, or follow my heart, or perhaps my gall bladder? Thanks for the exercise!

  • Mr Sweaty
    5 years ago

    Mr Barefoot, firstly I am teaching Thai kids and having read pure and loving your stuff, If you would like me too I will find out your nickname in Thai. However be careful of these a naughty kids I teach, they have called me Mr Sweaty!
    Secondly my friend, just a little bit of feedback the message is wonderful, but the image… can we have some psychedelics please!

    All you need is love,
    Mr Sweaty (formerly Josh from England)

  • Thank you! I wasn’t expecting such a quick and spontaneous release of tears and energy before I even completed the exercise but it happened!

  • Rob Ryan
    5 years ago

    Thank You very much Stephen !!!

  • Thank you, Barefoot Doctor, for this wonderful, liberating exercise! Thank you for all the wisdom you impart and the practical, spiritual practices you share. Kind regards,

  • Thanks so much again BD for sharing this with us. I felt an immediate shift in blocked energy and was able to get on and do things I had been putting off, some conscious, some unconscious. This came at the right time – I definitely need to keep practising this 3 times a day as I still have a lot of clearing out to do. Cant thank you enough.

  • paul darbyshire
    5 years ago

    Hi,the sensations where just as you described and events seemed to have a different flow and momentum , thanks.

  • Helllo Doc – Interesting exercise as have been chatting this week with a friend about gallbladder issues as she was rushed into hospital with gallstone problem. We have just ordered a book about a liver and gallbladder flush, and now hey presto you have done this video. The universe provides the answer. Clear, relaxed and well explanined video as always.
    Would be useful to know what the significance of tenderness/pain in gallbladder area means when pressed and is it still ok to do this exercise? Thank you and Namaste Carolxxx

  • Wonderful……again!
    Great timing also and I am deeply grateful for the wisdom and sharing.
    You are something else…☺

    With All Love,

  • Ingvild
    5 years ago

    Thank you,Barefoot. This I will practice and let you know how I`m doing. I think this is right on!

  • What can I say… opening this email was really timely and feel the difference already.
    Quite a bit of ache in forehead and felt something on left side of rib cage some minutes after applying pressure to gall bladder.
    Truly amazing how this all works
    Will continue to do exercise and stating intention to let go the stuck bts of my life and trust myself to follow my fascination and of course the Tao, and let you know any developments
    Many thanks as always Stephen
    Much love
    PS Loving the colour of your scarf!

  • Barbara
    5 years ago

    I love you. Namaste

  • Energy flow ~ go & grow ~ I live a serendipitous life already ~ so keeping checking & clearing the body & mind for blockages to my creative flow is daily ~ great stuff! I found similar points at the back of my head, do these correspond? As they seem to. ThanQ for this* 🙂 xxx

  • Thank you, once again, very interesting and helpful x

  • Still keepin it real 😉 . . Nice n breezy and sunny! *~*

  • are a fantastic teacher…thank you.

  • Thank you , Stephen , I appreciate your exercises
    Very opening and inspiring to the energy flow x

  • Thanks so much Barefoot, have loved reading your books for years and these videos are coming at just the right time. Lots and lots of big problems in my life at the moment and these videos are just what I need! I started the first one yesterday and have just done the gall bladder, feeling better already! Will let you know how I get on. Love and light and blessings to you, Jude x

  • I recently had my gall badder removed how does that affect me?

  • Beppie Adams
    5 years ago

    Great video! I will certainly do this at least 3 x per day. So great of you to share this with us. Will report back to you. Thank you!

  • Truly amazing and deep. Both videos came as such a gift to me. Your care, magic and experience pervades them. Thank you so very much!

  • Needed that, thank you, a bit like a veil’s been lifted. Need to remember to do this regularly.

  • Jane Wood
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much. Just the right information at the right time after I have just got home after playing with young people, worms and rubbish. Love Jane

  • Earthula
    5 years ago

    Wonder full!

  • Love this…came at the exact right time! Timing couldn’t be more magical…this information was well placed after experimenting with the last video. Thank you again

    Namaste Master Barefoot

    5 years ago

    Phew! Found the points under the rib cage really quite painful and as you say ‘stitchy’ AND quite a powerful release upon letting go…… Want to do that as suggested x 3 a day so would like to get back to you on the results. Thank you for all you share Stephen – subtle and always powerful. x

  • I have a question re the gall bladder, and exercise. I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago as it had a huge stone in it. I’m know there are other ways to control ones energy etc…but what could I expect to happen if I did that exercise. I did do it and not much happened, other than a feeling of letting go of tension for a few minutes, which is of course not a bad thing!but you said that the gall bladder is part of our control.

  • Ow! I guess my tendency towards being a control freak didn’t help with how uncomfy that felt… I have made a decision though! I will keep trying and see how it works out. Thanks Doc, keep ’em coming x

  • Donna -Marie
    5 years ago

    Hooked right into a complete alignment with grace.
    Feels very clam and empowering all in one.
    Gonna do this for a bit today,and get back to you.
    Many thanks…

  • Once again, thank you for such a useful video. My acupuncturist found cold in my gall bladder meridian was my major issue and now that she’s moved on, I’ve been searching for a way to work with it. I’ve very much enjoyed your various videos and books.

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    5 years ago

    Dear Stephen
    Thankyou for this video. I really found this very useful and powerful – as always very clear . Bless you dear Stephen
    with love

  • I have a large gallstone ! … my work involves solving problems before they happen and so I have become a bit of a control freak in work, now it infiltrates the rest of my life and I am a procrastinator too when it comes to personal decisions. So now I know why and what I can do to help the energy flow! Thank you BD xx

  • My forehead still hurts a little but my tummy was aching and then let out a gurgle. A nauseated feeling was released. I think I need to do this more! Thanks BD trying to make a life changing decision within the next few weeks. How do you know these things?

    Thanks so much for this!


  • thank you so much wonderful,jus what I needed at this point on my journey.

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