Dashboard of a million dollar Bugatti

A beautiful young friend of mine called The Goofball emailed just now and asked whether she could ask me for some relationship advice, vaguely inferring some unfulfilled reciprocity expectations but omitting to explain what she specifically wanted advice about – so being implausibly busy yet wanting to be helpful, as an expedient preclusion to spending too much time on the next email – I responded by way of a contextual reframe, doing which she’d then likely be able to figure out whatever the conundrum was on her own.

And as the response I gave her might be helpful to you or someone you know I told her I’d share it with my beloved Circlists,

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One Response to “Dashboard of a million dollar Bugatti

  • Hedy Lanthier
    2 years ago

    Dear BBB !
    I very much enjoyed your reply on the ” relationship conundrum.” All of it being predetermined from before the illusion of time began anyway.
    Maybe you should re-read ” Elective Affinities ” It’s all about relationships, and how they twist and turn, form and re-form in an infinite variety depending on whether you’re watching it from ” the front ” or from “the back ” smiling one of those fine Cheshire cat smiles, from ear to ear if possible. Yes, indeed. HJL

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